Tianjin Performance Equipment Science and Technology Exchange Conference was a complete success!

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On August 24, the Tianjin Performance Equipment Science and Technology Exchange Conference was successfully concluded! Thank you for the valuable opportunity provided by Tianjin Office of China Association for Performing Arts Equipment Technology, for the forward-looking sharing of experts and teachers from research institutes, performing arts associations, dance art societies and leading technology enterprises, for the communication and negotiation with friends from the same industry, and also for the joint construction of customers and friends!

As a one-stop solution provider of large-scale stage truss structure&stage lifting system, Shinestage has aluminum alloy truss, stage, riot bar, grandstand, stage machinery, intelligent suspension and control system and other products, which are widely used in large-scale performances, theater theaters, professional colleges, exhibition, professional venues, cultural tourism industry, commercial plazas and other places. Professional technical teams can use finite element analysis, on-site survey and other means, Provide customers with unique application scenario design scheme, which has been recognized by customers!

On the afternoon of the 24th,Shinestage's on-site staff directly visited the exhibition site by means of live broadcast, not only explaining the design concept of Shinestage's booth, but also taking everyone to participate in the "cloud exhibition", communicating with peers such as lighting and sound, during which there was a friendly performance by musical instrument artists! Then there were expert lectures, which discussed the major focus issues of performance equipment technology. Nearly 1000 people watched the whole live broadcast, which was interactive and enthusiastic!

During the two-day exhibition, Shinestage booth was crowded with people, and its high-quality products, application solutions, online shopping mall audition GO and other strengths were demonstrated, which won the unanimous praise of experts and scholars in the industry and peers.


The exhibition has come to a temporary end. Thanks again for the bridge built by Tianjin Office of China Association for Performing Arts Equipment Technology. Shinestage sincerely hopes to further develop the Beijing Tianjin Hebei and even the national market through cooperation with strategic partners, realize resource sharing, build a win-win business circle for performing arts equipment, and jointly promote the vigorous development of the performing arts industry!


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