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Shinestage trusses are mainly connected by pins and screws to maximize the safety and stability of the truss system. We strictly follow the ISO9001:2008 quality management system of TUV NORD, and our products are in full compliance with TUV NORD quality standards. Considering that the durability of the product is the prerequisite for the safety of the product, we will provide customers with the necessary information for reference, such as the truss loading table, the strength calculation of finite element analysis and so on.

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FAQs about Stage Truss System

  • What are the categories of trusses?
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    According to the way of its link port: screw truss, spigot truss.
    According to the shape of truss: rectangle truss, triangle truss, square truss, folding truss.
  • What certificate do Shinestage have?
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    CE TUV SGS certifications and some patent certifications for some new products.
  • How does your factory do regarding quality control?
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    We control products quality under the instruction of national standards or by Third party.
  • Do Shinestage accept customized logo order?
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    Yes, we can make logo on the truss for clients.
  • What is the after-sales service for Shinestage products? How many years is the term?
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    1.The product enjoys 1 year warranty, and the service life of the product can be up to 10 years under regular use.
    2.Provide detailed product installation instructions and installation video
    3.One-on-one professional business follow up, product warranty or warranty period, such as equipment failure, in the notification after the response within 7 working days
    4.Outside the warranty period, the company's technical staff will be no less than three times a year to visit the survey, off to follow up on the user's use of the situation.
  • What are the technical services that Shinestage can provide?
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    1.Finite element analysis calculations of the overall program of the product pre-sale (including Chinese and English versions)
    2.Site survey service
    3.Pre-project program design and drawing refinement
    4.Product construction guidance or one-stop service for product construction.
    5.Product TUV testing
    6.Product flaw detection test

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