The 2022 Online Communication Conference on Performance Equipment and Audio Visual Electronic Products Technology was successfully held!

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On May 8, the "Online Communication Conference on Performance Equipment, Audio Visual and Electronic Products Technology" held by the audition GO in conjunction with Guangzhou Shinestage Technology Co., Ltd., American Yuwu International, Guangzhou Goma Equipment Co., Ltd., Guangdong Deshida Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jinzhihui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Nanyi Lighting and Audio Industry Co., Ltd. was a complete success! The live broadcast of audition GO and WeChat video number has attracted wide attention both inside and outside the industry.

[Activity acknowledgement]

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the strong support of the co organizers for the successful holding of this online exchange; At the same time, I would also like to thank all the audience who insisted on watching in the live room. We believe that our professional technical exchanges and product exhibitions have also given us many inspirations. The future has come, and the performance brand will continue to lead the industry!

[Live review]

Mr. Ke Zigui, the representative of the sponsor, said that the way of the entertainment industry to resolve the impact of the epidemic was multidimensional and multi-level, and offline was blocked. Online transformation provided new ideas. As a rising star in the industry, audition GO Mall will embrace and develop vertical products in the industry with a positive attitude and provide digital transformation services.


Mr. Zhou Weijin demonstrated four products: snowflake machine, bubble machine, dry ice machine and disinfection machine, making the scene a romantic and beautiful "fairyland". It can be seen that at the moment of normalization of epidemic situation, stage special effect equipment and peripheral products are also advancing with the times, and the design is more humanized.


From his own experience, Mr. He Daiwei talked about the development of stage lighting in China, and he was full of confidence. The most reminiscent of Shaoshan Chong is a bold attempt to present the concept of digital art. The wonderful light and shadow matrix gives a shocking visual impact!


Taking the Brilliance Universe Hainan Concert which was highly appreciated last year as an example, Mr. Guo Guanming deeply interpreted how the application of performance equipment can scientifically formulate a solution for safe structures through finite element load analysis under full load conditions in combination with different environmental factors in order to meet the overall dance effect from his own professionalism.


Ms. Wu Jingzhu introduced the product line of laser projectors and the scene application of laser projectors. I believe that the audience in the live broadcast room also felt the charm of projection shows such as buildings, screens, trees, and created a shocking immersive interactive experience.

Nanyi Lighting

Mr. Jin Xinjie introduced the location and precautions of stage lighting in the theater through examples. His LED electric zoom imaging lamps and other products are suitable for a wide range of lamp positions and places, and successfully participated in Langlang Concert, Strait Culture and Art Center, Xijing University Auditorium and other projects.


It is my honor to invite Mr. Noe Ybara of Ubiquitous Dance International of the United States to the exchange, which was translated and summarized by Mr. Xian Dajin of YANA Technology. Both at home and abroad are still under the attack of the epidemic. Mr. Noe YBara and his assistant forcefully conveyed the importance of safety and health in the dance art project through practical exercises. The international online training platform is also a breakthrough in the development of a modern production center.

[On site display]

Finally, the exhibition hall equipment was displayed to complete the exchange.

This online exchange meeting covers such fields as stage special effect equipment, lighting application, structural safety, laser projection, online platform, etc. The audition GO will be strongly linked with all brands to jointly open up online and offline channels and build a new ecology of the Internet of Things industry!



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