SHINESTAGE Helps 2020 Yinchuan Spring Festival Gala Stage Structure Project

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The spring tide surges and the world is new, the spring breeze swells and the mountains and rivers are beautiful, the spring is full of joy and the motherland is good. 2020 Ningxia Yinchuan Spring Festival Gala kicked off with the joyful atmosphere of the opening song and dance. The atmosphere of the party was festive and lively, and wonderful pro-people cultural performances were presented in turn, and everyone felt the atmosphere of the New Year in a cheerful and warm atmosphere. SHINESTAGE successfully contributed to the stage lighting structure of this Yinchuan venue!

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The party was performed in the forms of skits, songs and dances, comedy, opera, martial arts, etc. The program highlighted the local characteristics of Ningxia and the joyful atmosphere of the Jade Rat welcoming Spring.

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The Spring Festival Gala is divided into different forms of performance and different chapters of content such as opera, song and dance, language, etc. The diverse forms of programs also bring the audience different audio-visual experience.

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In terms of stage design, the gala boldly used the latest technology such as LED shaped screen, program art form, audio-visual effects to achieve a new breakthrough.

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