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Movable Choir Risers Stage For Elevated Seating With Wheels


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Movable Choir Risers Stage For Elevated Seating With Wheel is a type of stage that is made from aluminum. Aluminum stages are typically lighter and more portable than other types of stages, making them a popular choice for events and productions that require a lot of setup and takedown. Aluminum stages can also be easily customized with different finishes and treatments to match the aesthetic of any event.An aluminum stage is a great option for those looking for a durable and long-lasting option.

Some common features of choir risers include:

-Adjustable heights: Many choirs require different heights for different members. Choir risers with adjustable heights allow you to customize the riser to fit your needs.

-Foldable: Foldable choir risers save space when they're not in use. This is especially helpful if you have limited storage space.

-Wheeled: Wheeled choir risers make it easy to move the riser around, which is helpful if you need to change locations frequently.

The Pros and Cons of Choir Risers

When it comes to choir risers, there are both pros and cons that you should be aware of. On the plus side, choir risers can help improve the sound of your choir by giving them a raised platform to stand on. This can help project their voices better and allow them to be heard more clearly. Additionally, risers can also help improve the visual appeal of your choir by making them appear more uniform and organized.

On the downside, however, choir risers can be quite expensive to purchase and maintain. Additionally, they can be cumbersome to set up and take down, which can be time-consuming for busy choirs. Additionally, risers can sometimes create an echo effect that can make it difficult for listeners to understand what is being sung.

What are Choir Risers?

Choir risers are stage platforms that are used to elevate performers during a show or concert. The word "riser" is derived from the Latin word for "step," which is what these stage platforms essentially are - steps that allow performers to be seen more easily by the audience.

There are many different types of choir risers available on the market, ranging in size, shape, and material. Some common materials used to construct choir risers include wood, metal, and plastic. Choir risers can also be outfitted with additional features such as handrails, skirting, and nonslip surfaces to ensure the safety of performers.

When selecting choir risers for a particular event or performance, it is important to consider the number of performers that will be using them, the type of performance that will be taking place, and the overall budget for the event. Choir risers can be rented or purchased outright, so working with a professional rental company is often the best way to ensure that all of these factors are taken into account.


Parameter of Choir Risers Stage for Stage Performance


Aluminum Assemble Stage


1x1m,1x2m, 1.22x1.22m, 1.22x2.44m, other size is available

Material of frame

Aluminum 6061T6

Thickness of frame


Material of stage deck

18mm Anti-slip plywood, Carpet, Acrylic, Aluminum plate, Rubber

Color of deck

Black, Brown, Red, other color is available



Loading capacity

About 750kg/sqm

Adjust height

0.4-0.6m, 0.6-1m, 0.7-1.2m, 0.8-1.4m,1-1.5m, 1.5-2m


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