SJ Kuala Lumpur concert is a big deal! The world tour "SUPER SHOW 9" continues!

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The world tour "SUPER SHOW 9" continues! Korean band Super Junior's tour "Super Show 9: ROAD

The Malaysian leg of the Super Junior tour "Super Show 9: ROAD" ended successfully on a beautiful day! SHINESTAGE provided barriers and Layher stages for this concert!


[Project Review]

On October 10, SUPER JUNIOR successfully held "SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR - SUPER SHOW 9 : ROAD in KUALA LUMPUR" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After many years, SUPER JUNIOR met with ELF fans in Kuala Lumpur again and gave a great performance.


On that day, from the stage where you can feel the various hit songs of "K-POP legend" to the stage of new songs such as "Callin'" and "Mango" released this year, there was a lot of high energy! Among them, the K.R.Y., D&E, and Lite-Prodigy-Shiwon squad stages brought joy to the audience with a wide variety of genres, and the chorus and cheers that transcended the language barrier ignited the concert!

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"SUPER SHOW 9 : ROAD" is a solo face-to-face concert of SUPER JUNIOR that started again after 3 years and is also a world tour. Starting with Seoul, Korea in July this year, SUPER JUNIOR successfully held concerts in Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur, showing the power of "SUPER SHOW", a concert that can satisfy everyone from music and performance to silence and VCR.

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Yaora has the honor to participate in this music event, so that the riot fence and Rhea stage shine in the concert!

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【About the product】

1、Convenient barriers

Convenient riot fence (full name: convenient folding riot fence) is a lightweight, quick barrier device, a security entity protection barrier for crowded, pioneering, riot-type places to quickly connect multiple pieces to form isolation safety belt. Single person can operate, fast installation and removal, with strong impact resistance.


For different places in the concert, a variety of needs, Yona provides customers with conventional models, with door models, wire channel models and other styles of riot fence, and the successful completion of the trial ride before shipment, became the site of the bright security artifacts to ensure the smooth conduct of the concert!

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2、Layer stage

Layer stage is a kind of "Layer frame" structure of the activity stage, easy to build simple disassembly, high structural strength, good overall stability, strong load-bearing capacity, is widely used in major performances, celebrations, exhibition activities, etc., is quite popular among owners of stage equipment.




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Spigot Truss

Choir Risers Stage

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