What is the role of the aluminum stage?

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The aluminum stage light stand is mainly composed of base, aluminum alloy truss, reverse head, oblique support, square sleeve, horizontal rod and other parts.

  • What are the advantages of aluminum stage?

  • What are the construction steps of Aluminum Stage?

  • What is the role of the aluminum stage?

aluminum stage

What are the advantages of aluminum stage?

The biggest advantage of the aluminum stage is its light weight. However, as a material for making an outdoor stage, it needs to have a certain weight. This is because: 1. When people move on the stage, the light stage is easy to vibrate and cause echoes; 2. Because the stage is light and stable; 3. Because In the case of a large number of people, the stage is easily crowded and displaced by the crowd.

What are the construction steps of Aluminum Stage?

First, set up four bases in general positions on the ground, and adjust the supporting legs below to make a horizontal plane.

Second, the outer side of the base penetrates into the lower part of the oblique supports at the four corners, and each part inserts two, a total of eight.

Third, fix the anti-head on the base with screws, and the rotation direction of the anti-head should be the same as shown in the picture.

Fourth, put a square in the back.

Fifth, connect the beams on the ground.

Sixth, the two ends of the beam are separated from each other, the two square sleeves at both ends are well connected, and the beam parts are assembled on the ground at this time.

Seventh, connect the column truss flat, and then screw one end in the middle of the back head, and the other end on the cross bar. Gourds and crosses are joined together. The function of the hoist is to improve the beam trusses below.

Eighth, gradually put the column trusses together. Be careful not to push too hard on the post, then secure the screw on the opposite end.

Ninth, after the column is erected, the hook under the hanging gourd is hooked to the beam below through the suspension belt.

Tenth, until four people gradually pull up the crane and pull the beam over the head.

Eleven, install lighting and sound equipment on the beams.

Twelve, to four people pull the crane to a predetermined height.

What is the role of the aluminum stage?

The aluminum stage is widely used in various performances, exhibitions, weddings, real estate openings and other activities. It is composed of a basic movable frame and a stage board. The frame generally has alloy and steel as the main components. It is very flexible and convenient to disassemble and store, and has the characteristics of small size and easy transportation. The stage board is a very important part of the aluminum alloy assembled stage, and its quality directly affects the load-bearing capacity of the entire activity assembled stage, so it is very important to choose a high-quality stage board.

The three elements of the activity assembled stage are different from the traditional stage:

A. Safe and stable, dignified and elegant, naturally resistant to various harsh environments

B. Superb combination characteristics, stretching infinite space

C. Flexible assembly and disassembly, fast transportation and convenient storage

As a manufacturer of the basic building blocks of our industry including truss, staging, barrier, electric hoist, etc. SHINESTAGE endeavor for product excellence and continuous product innovation.


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