The tallest single body Nebula Hall of OCT in Xiangyang, Hubei Province has been sealed with a golden roof!

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As the latest generation of OCT's large-scale cultural theme park, Xiangyang OCT Fantasy Valley is themed on space-time exploration and will feature "Planet Bazaar", "Alien Sea", "Alien Port", "Crazy Mechanical City", "Kun's Ark" and "Hidden Land Fantasy". The six immersive fantasy scenes of "Crazy Mechanical City", "Kun's Ark" and "Hidden Land Fantasy" will be combined with animal performances, environmental interactive performances and mechanical interactive elements to create It is a new benchmark of Happy Valley "2.0", which combines fantasy entertainment experience and cultural leisure vacation.


[Project Review]

The highest single body in the center of the park, the Nebula Club, is sealed with a golden roof! Shinestage's high-intensity golden roof structure will bring visitors an all-age immersion and one-stop peak amusement experience.

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The project requires a stage that can meet the lighting, sound, big screen and performance according to the site, and can shelter from wind and rain to ensure the performance is carried out normally.


For such a non-standard customized project with various product specifications, Shinestage's professional technical team carefully designed and precisely calculated the arc and other difficult parts, and went to the site to guide the construction of the gold roof after the production was completed, insisting on high standards and strict requirements, and constantly promoting the project construction with high quality and efficiency to ensure the successful completion of the gold roof scaffolding!

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[About the product]

Shinestage provides the project with the gold lettered roof structure composed of 400*400 and other specifications aluminum plate screwed four-sided straight frame, with tight seams, high precision and strong load-bearing, which is suitable for various application scenes such as cultural and tourism venues, professional performances, theaters and theaters, and exhibition industries.



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