The 2022 Music Castle Music Festival is on! Have fun and eat. Hi, Yinchuan Summer!

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After 3 years, finally meet again!

In 2022, Lepu Music Festival will be very popular!

This is a magnificent and resplendent music event,

It is also a carnival that ignites the whole city!

Project review

So far, Tuborg Music Festival has been successfully held for 13 times. This year's TuborgMusic Festival was held in Yinchuan Helan Xixia Beer Music Sports Park, which is also the first music festival held in a brewery in China. Fans from all over the world gathered here to enjoy a two-day music feast.

Under the blue sky, on the grass and in the singing voice, 25 groups of musicians, including the Universal Youth Hotel, GAI Surrounding, VaVa Mao Yanqi, Bridge, Chen Li, Lao Fan next door, the landlord's cat, and Grape Bu Ang, formed a luxury lineup. They freely switched to Chinese speaking, singing, rock, pop music and other music styles, which pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax one after another. The fans screamed and applauded one after another.

On the scene of the music festival, there are all kinds of delicious food, including Tuborg beer, mutton kebabs, cold noodles with cold skin, and fried kebabs. Fans can not only enjoy the audio-visual feast, but also satisfy their taste buds. Eat, drink, and have fun!

Technical proposal

Each year's Tuborg Music Festival has created unforgettable fashion memories for Yinchuan and has become an annual carnival for music fans in Yinchuan, the northwest and even the whole country. The customer said that the roof beam truss of the main stage has a span of 22m long and 14m wide, and needs a hanging weight of 6t to meet the lifting height of 12m.

In the face of this music festival project with large span, high load bearing requirements and multiple lifting points, Shinestage's technical team designed the drawings and sent technicians to guide the installation on site. Finally, we decided to use 58101 cross tube pin rack with the customer to ensure its hanging weight and stability, and combined with 12 efficient and convenient electric hoists to lift the hanging weight.

On the scene of the music festival, the singers on the stage performed passionately, and the fans off the stage shouted enthusiastically. Everyone was immersed in the dynamic melody of youth, swaying with the rhythm, enjoying the sound rhythm, and getting rid of worries and pressure. Shinestage once again completed a masterpiece, which was greatly appreciated by customers!


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