Qingdao and the World Cheers! The 32nd Qingdao International Beer Festival was a complete success!

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When beer meets the waves, who can refuse Qingdao in summer? Recently, the 32nd Qingdao International Beer Festival · "Vital Laoshan" Beer Carnival successfully closed in the Century Plaza Beer City, Laoshan District, demonstrating the urban charm of Qingdao as a "city of vitality and ocean, a wonderful and pleasant city".

Project review

Qingdao International Beer Festival was founded in 1991. The festival was co sponsored by relevant ministries and the Qingdao Municipal People's Government. It is a national large-scale festival integrating tourism, culture, sports, and economy and trade. It is a beer festival in Asia. The Beer Festival has become a grand festival to highlight the advantages and charm of Qingdao.

The 32nd Qingdao International Beer Festival (Cloud Beer Festival) was held online from July 22 to 31, setting an innovative benchmark for the digital festival of cultural and tourism industry performances. Online wonderful presentation, offline global linkage, and public participation and sharing bring the "exclusive flavor" of the city to every corner, so that the gathering will never close.

The offline Golden Beach Beer Festival is still in normal operation, maintaining the enthusiasm of "hospitality". During the festival, the huge golden roof arch frame ensures the safety of all kinds of performances on the main stage, brewing summer surprises with the waves on the Gold Coast.

Technical proposal

This frame standing on Qingdao Golden Beach will become a landmark fashion business scene for its performance.

Shinestage is mainly responsible for the main truss structure. The customer requires that the sound rack should be hung with a weight of 8 tons, and the arch frame+golden roof should be hung with a weight of 25 tons, with a span of 68.5 meters, a width of 12.8 meters, and a height of 22.6 meters for fixed installation.


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