Thanksgiving | With gratitude in mind, everything is warm

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Listen to me, thank you, because you have warmed the four seasons~The annual Thanksgiving Day is coming again!Every good time should be thanked.Of course, gratitude should not be limited to today, it's better to put beauty into daily life, so that thanksgiving is not in a hurry~


Shinestage thanked the employees for their hard work. The union members waited at the entrance of the dining hall in advance and bowed to the employees who entered the dining hall. A loud "Happy Meal" sounded all around, and everyone entered the dining hall in this "Surprise" ceremony.

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Thank you for your warmth and happiness in winter. Don't forget to thank your aunt for preparing beautiful food for us~

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Surprise benefits are always enjoyed. Shinestage also carefully prepared afternoon tea for everyone. Smile and remember with gratitude. The smile when everyone enjoys delicious food is the greatest affirmation of happy work and happy struggle!

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Everyone has a heart of gratitude. People who are grateful always respect it.

For Shinestage, we also need to thank you for your company along the way.

We are grateful to our customers and friends and are willing to deliver the trust to us;

We are grateful to the experts and teachers for their guidance and support;

Be grateful to the industry colleagues, and promote the industry progress with the same frequency resonance;

We are grateful to the employees of the company and choose to contribute our strength in Shinestage.

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With gratitude in mind, everything is warm.

Finally, on this special day,

We sincerely wish everyone

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!

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