Safety Guides For Large Performance Stage Construct

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With the improvement of people's living standards, Pure rich spiritual life has increasing ripdly, and there are more and more cultural performances across the country.
However, many people don't understand the safety structure of the stage, and they don't know How to start. Stage builders also NOT faminlar with Safety Guides.

They often invest a lot, but the effect does not meet the expected requirements. They are also laborious and consumable, and even lead to safety. The accident happened to be really shocking.

Stage Safety accident Categories:
1.Performance Stage Collapse:
2. Stage Scen Fire
3. Operation process is not Standardized.
4. Insufficient preparation of safety plan

5. The funds are tight, and the safety accident caused by cutting corners is reduced.

Stage Accident Case:

1.Think about Pearl Jam at Roskilde in Denmark where 9 people died in a crowd crush, the Station Nightclub fire in West Warwick USA where 100 people suffocated and were crushed.
2.Love Parade in Duisburg in Germany where 21 people were crushed to death.
3.The collapse of the stage during the Indianapolis State Fair in Indianapolis USA which killed 7 people.
4.And of course Jessica Michalik at the Big Day Out 2001 in Sydney. But also look at less publicised accidents in the entertainment industry like the 2003 rigging collapse before a Justin Timberlake concert in Atlantic City NJ.
5.The Madonna roof collapse in Marseille France in 2009 or the Radiohead roof collapse in Toronto Canada in 2012.
6.ShangHai Movie Festival the stage was destroy by heavy weather, Luckliy Nobody be injured in China 2016.

Why need Guides for Large Stage Construct Industry:
It is understood that in recent years, the performance market has been on the rise, and the temporary construction of the stage has become commonplace, but the relevant specifications for the stage and the beauty project are still not perfect.
Most of the stage and dance engineering enterprises are in the state of small workshops, and the technology is relatively backward. The quality is low, the quality of the project is mixed, the grass-roots team and the regular company are rushing to work, the vicious competition leads to the construction quality is getting worse and worse, and the phenomenon of cutting corners is frequent...
These have buried hidden dangers for the stage safety.

Guides for large stage construction:
In a large stage performance, the stage is indispensable. At the same time as the stage construction, we must consider the environment of the stage construction, taking into account the lighting problem, the viewing angle of the audience, and the stability of the stage level.
01. During the stage performances, like a star meeting, concerts and other occasions. In order to prevent the front viewer from obscuring the viewer's line of sight, there are certain special occasions or specific activities. It is necessary to build a stage with a height of 60-200 cm. The height of the stage should be adjusted according to the length of the auditorium.
02. To consider the lighting problems during the performance, to build the stage lighting truss, it is necessary to consider the structure of the stage frame to be safely connected, so as to avoid the transmission line passing through the auditorium, causing unnecessary safety hazards and increasing the cost of construction.
03. The stage should have a sense of layering. Generally, large outdoor large performances are large in scale and there are many audiences. On-site safety is extremely important. The audience seats need to install riot bars to prevent people from stepping on. At the same time, in order to facilitate the withdrawal of the venue, avoid congestion during the exit.

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