Shinestge customized products appeared in carrier level dual malls, Shiyan Global Port set sail grandly!

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Hubei Shiyan Global Port, a city level central CBD, plans to build a new "dual malls" pattern that combines shopping mall mall and home life mall, and strives to provide the consumers in Shiyan and even northwest Hubei with a new life experience center that is characterized, differentiated and interesting for a long time.


[Customer Demand]

As the first carrier level cultural, tourist and commercial complex in northwest Hubei integrating European cultural experience, leisure, tourism and vacation, and refined urban life, SHINESTAGE has the honor to participate in the design of some scenes of the shopping mall. The customer said that they need to make customized designs based on the characteristics of the shopping mall.

1. Make a crown structure structure under the starry sky ceiling. The uniqueness of the crown structure is that it has different arc shapes when being looked at from different angles.

2. The side of the stage in the hall shall be equipped with arc lighting truss according to the arc building structure.

3. Below the crown structure is a tempered glass stage, which is used for large and small activities and performances.

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SHINESTAGE guarantees with rich customized design experience that this design and its implementation will definitely satisfy the customer!


[Technical Solutions]

According to the customer’s needs, SHINESTAGE's technical team also roughly knows the technical difficulties of this project:

1. How to calculate the multi-arc structure and make it a reality?

2. How to accurately position the crown structure during production?

3. How to fix the position and install the crown structure stably after production?

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There are more methods than difficulties. In the face of the above technical difficulties, the technical director broke them one by one:

1. In order to ensure the accuracy of the multi-arc structure, it was necessary to conduct many scientific and accurate calculations to avoid any error.

2. After the drawings came out, the technicians needed to communicate effectively with each chargeman of every production process on the workshop site, and guided the fixed-point positioning welding to ensure the accuracy of the products.

3. Due to the large size and the large weight of the crown structure, it was necessary to make a supporting point. The technical director went to the site to select materials and guide the construction through accurate mechanical calculation.


[Product Highlights]

SHINESTAGE mainly provided 300 * 300mm square tube triangular arc truss, 1.22 * 1.22 * 0.8m tempered glass stage and 17.2 * 1.6 * 6.9m crown structure for this project.

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The crown structure with the largest specification is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of this project. As the aluminum alloy is used, the weight is lighter, and the visual impact of the multi-dimensional arc structure is strong, people can obtain full surprises when watching it from different angles! Under the dome of the starry sky, it welcomes the tourists coming and going, which fully demonstrates the fashion and fun of the Global Port!

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The 2022 New Year's Concert held in the Shiyan Global Port recently was very lively, which added a lot of colors to the "Global Ten Banquets & 100 Day Carnival" activities!

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