Chorus Stage of Shenzhen Cultural Center

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On the evening of November 8, Nanshan District held a large-scale symphonic chorus concert to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC at the Grand Theatre of Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center with the theme of "Centenary Glory, Centenary Ode".


[Project Review]

Under the guidance of Yao Feng, a famous conductor in Shenzhen and vice chairman of Guangdong Musicians Association, the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, together with the affiliated choir and the mass art group “Shenzhen Nanshan 1872 Meeting Choir”, took "literature and art" as the starting point, integrated the learning and education of CPC history into the literary and art practice, and connected the centenary history of the CPC with the idea of "works as the point, party history as the guide, and spirit as the soul" through the performance of 16 classic songs, inspiring people, Gathering the hearts of the people and undertaking the glorious task of promoting confidence in the road, system and culture.


SHINESTAGE company successfully completed the task of offering and guaranteeing the hardware facilities of the chorus stage of the Shenzhen Nanshan Large-scale Symphonic Chorus Concert Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the CPC!



[Product Introduction]

This symphonic chorus concert used SHINESTAGE's Fast Assembly Stage, which has been recognized by Chinese national patent science and technology, and has many advantages. The visible scale on the telescopic legs can help adjust the height of the legs, and the legs can be easily stored on the back of the stage panel. The plastic leg’s foot is adjustable to keep legs vertical standing firmly even on uneven grounds. The steel high tensile panel frame clamp ensures tightly connecting between stage decks without gap. And the fully sticking aero aluminum alloy leg clamp ensures firmly connecting between stage units.




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