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Shinestage Release Pre Rig Truss Product in 2018 GETshow

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8 May 2018 China GETshow is Starting, More than 700 Companies related Light, Audio, Sounds Industry take part in the Great Entertainment Technology Show At PWTC EXPO Guangzhou China. ShineStage Technology Co., Ltd. Carefully Prepare for 2018 GETshow, It’s the best honor for ShineStage that responsibility for building Mobile Stage for opening ceremony of China Getshow.

Shinestage as an professional one stop solutions supplier for Entertainment Industry, Bringing in hot products for this Getshow : Aluminum lighting Truss,T12 Thomas Truss system,and the safety barrier for crowed control, Especially the new development products Pre Rig Truss ( also called Catwalk Touring Truss) that is a low profile truss,has an open bottom, It is available in black or natural and it is available in multiple lengths, such as 8-ft and 10-ft. Catwalk Touring Truss is extremely versatile. It can be used as pre-rigged truss for automated lights; it can also handle larger fixtures too, The height of the truss cart is variable and it has been designed to fold flat, so the carts can stack. This reduces the amount of space required to store the carts when not in use. The carts are available with custom shock protection to mitigate the vibration commonly experienced during transport. Like the carts, the hang pipes are also highly flexible. The structural cross members of the truss contain a Unistrut track. This allows users to position multiple pipes, in any position, within the truss.

TOUR TRUSS Product Details.JPG

Pre Rig Truss For Concert Load Table Details

More info learn for the follow video:

At the end let us go to the Getshow Scene to experiences the magic and amazon time.

Welcome to visit Shinestage Booth 5A -05 A  PWTC EXPO Guangzhou. We are waitting For you!

Shinestage Company 2018

ShineStage Technology Co., Ltd. In 2018 China GETshow Sence

Shinestage are specialist manufacturer with Truss, Stage, and Event Safety Products- Crowd Barrier,And Accessories since 2009,OEM & ODM Production, Proffesional Free Designing, Prompt Response,Quality Ensurance,Trad Assurance $350000.Payment methods are diverse and secure.Punctual Delivery And All heart After Services.
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Catwalk Touring Truss

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