Aluminum Catwalk Touring Truss
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Aluminum Catwalk Touring Truss

Product Parameter
Material: Aluminum alloy 6061 T6 / 6082 T6


Main Tube:50.8*3.2mm

Brace Tube:25.4*3.2mm


Truss Length:1,2,3,4m,customized

Connection Way:Bolt Connect

Certification:TUV, ISO, CE, SGS

Warranty:1 Year

Application case Loading table Product introduction Comparative advantage Supporting system Other programmes Honor Partner Ask price

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Aluminum Catwalk Touring Truss

Aluminum Catwalk Touring Truss Design

Product introduction

Catwalk Touring Truss is a Rre Truss that refers to the pre-installation of lights and lamps before and after construction. A combination of lighting fixtures for storage, transportation and construction (ceiling) is adjusted according to the size and specifications of the lights before the warehouse is opened. After the lights are pre-installed or When it is idle, it can be overlapped (mainly composed of folding car + U-shaped lighting frame), which is multilaterally combined according to structural requirements. It is used for lighting hanging in large stadiums, concerts, music festivals and other large-scale performances, and large-scale sports venues are open. (closed) curtain.


1. Light hanging in advance to pre-install to improve efficiency
2. Truss can be used as a light box
3. Flat head connector 360 degree orientation adjustment in any direction 90 degrees
4. The application structure is changeable
5. Construction process electric hoist full range efficient lifting
6. When the cart is idle, it can be folded and overlapped to reduce storage space.
7. Can be installed according to the size of the lamp

8. After the event, use folding cart and U-frame to achieve efficient loading, transportation and storage

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Trad Show Project

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CE Certifiction
SGS Certifiction -1
SGS Certifiction -2
TUV Certifiction
Truss TUV Certifiction
Bleacher TUV Certifiction
Stage TUV Certifiction
Barrier TUV Certification
Truss TUV Certifiction -2
ISO9001 Certificate
Barrier Utility Patent Certificate
Barrier Trolly Utility Patent Certificate
Stage Utility Patent Certificate
Bleacher Utility Patent Certificate
Catwalk Truss Utility Patent Certificate
Alibaba Golden Supplier Certification


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