London MIK Music Festival explodes in turn! Happy hometown of K-pop people!

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In addition to the breeze and sunshine,

And the hot summer music festival!

Every summer,

All kinds of music festivals are blooming all over Britain,

London is undoubtedly the key urban area of the music carnival season!

This July can be said to belong to K-POP!

Project review

The first outdoor K-POP music festival in Europe

MIK Festival opened in London at the end of July!

Don't envy Cochra on the other side of the ocean anymore

Red Velvet, "Poor Ha" inviting summer

EXO Suho、Chung Ha、Viviz、

Golden Child, Pentagon

Singers who are good at singing and dancing take turns to bomb the market,

It's the happy hometown of K-pop people!

MIK Festival is the first outdoor K-pop music festival held in Europe. At the end of July, Southwar Park in London was full of passion. It will become an active area of K-pop, creating a place full of Korean music and culture for fans.

Technical proposal

In order to create this musical feast, the customer needs a large stage structure with Leia frame, stage and modeling truss as the main body. The truss has high bearing requirements and is placed on a stage with a height of 2 meters, which requires a higher stability of the stage.

After detailed negotiation with the customer, Shinestage team has decided to use 600 * 600 profiled aluminum bolt truss as the quasi circular main structure, and the stage adopts the Layher truss structure. It is necessary to strengthen and match the support frame at the truss support point to increase the stress, so as to ensure its structural stability and high loading requirements.

This large-scale K-pop outdoor music festival, with its unique shape and strong lineup, gives fans a hearty experience of summer music festival carnival!


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