Review Of Birmingham occurred Thugs People Using Metal Crowd Barriers Group of Fight :Safety Barrier Solution

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Two months ago at a club in Birmingham, UK occurred outside a group of Thugs people using plastic crowd barriers equipment group of fight, It lasted two hours, finally to an athlete a pistol that event to end.

The incident has caused lots of discussion in the UK:

1.Why did the police fail to prevent and control the incident so well that the fight lasted two hours?

2.The Metal Crowd Control equipment and CCTV equipment cannot protect the public well.

High Demand For Sense of Safety :

With social and economic development, people in the pursuit of spiritual civilization, people more and more choices to enjoy musicals, football sports event, the weekend free time to go to the large outdoor activities. The safety of the audience is always top priority, so how to get to normal activities and events held at the same time, how to better keep the audience awye from danger becomes unusually important thing.

After Birmingham accident, UK pub brawl outside, people can not control to ask why more and more safety input, but didn't make people feel safe.  If there is a better solution to keep People Safety? Like the second question of attention, originally as a safe protective safety control equipment, finally became ore weapons. Due to the old CCTV equipment for prevention and subsequent later after not much use.

Think about Solution for Keep Audice Safety:

If crowd control barries can have greater resistance to impact, as well as the connection more stable, whether can avoid becoming ore homicidal accomplice. More and more activities host also gradually realized that whether should look for an alternative to plastic crowd control equipment and simple Plastic Fencing. If the intelligent identification of CCTV can more and remind, so events can have plenty of space for protection in advance, will provide more effective clues to track later.The safety of the audience always comes first, which should form a solid firewall in the hearts of the event organizers. We also hope that fewer such tragedy will occur, the better.

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