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NBA Golden State Warrior Catwalk truss Kick-off Ceremony for the New Season

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 Golden State Warrior Catwalk truss

PROJECT NAME: 2017-2018 NBA Golden State Warrior Kick-off Ceremony for the New Season

ADDRESS: California, in the United States

COMPLETION DATE: on October, 2017

BRIEF: National Basketball Association, is the pre-eminent men's professional basketball league in North America, where there will be highly-anticipated basketball games held at the opening ceremony for the new season in every year. Golden State Warrior VS Houston Rockets, Cavaliers VS Celtics.

Catwalk truss

The NBA Golden State Warriors basketball hall lighting truss USES the Shinestage stage catwalk. Catwalk touring truss is a new stage, its overall design on the basis of subverts the traditional truss structures from warehousing, transportation, installation, receive, and a series of annoying lock process to solve the low efficiency of the truss construction spot, for large-scale activities, stage construction is a historic innovation which has gained recognition and affirmation from the customers and the users.

Catwalk truss

Shinestage, catwalk Truss, according to the international market in 2017 of the latest research and design of fixtures, is a new truss products, because its catwalk frame is on the way of application for a patent. More information about catwalk truss will be presented later on.

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