Multifunctional Conference Hall of Shandong Fuhua Hotel

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Fuhua Hotel is located in the national high-tech development zone of Weifang, Shandong Province, the international kite capital, and adjacent to Fuhua Amusement Park, which enjoys the reputation of "Qilu First Park". The hotel is owned by Weifang Urban Construction and Development Investment Group Co., Ltd., a wholly state-owned enterprise group. As the foreign exchange and business activity center in Weifang and a member of the China Famous Hotel Organization, the hotel has always enjoyed a high reputation and been highly respected for its luxurious and distinguished style, meticulous first-class service and famous delicious foods.


[Project Review]

Fuhua Hotel is one of the earliest five-star business resort luxury hotels in Shandong Province. The first-class design, architecture and decoration with the integration of eastern and western wisdom, make the hotel extremely luxurious, noble, detached and unique.


In order to better promote the smooth progress of comprehensive activities such as meetings, the hotel plans to build a multi-functional hall integrating meetings and performances etc. on the reserved space. And SHINESTAGE design team with rich project experience will be involved in the design.


One of the major difficulties of the multi-functional conference hall is that there is no load-bearing structure. To solve this problem, SHINESTAGE design team has designed a way to use the sub-main truss in combination. The 580 * 1010mm large spigot truss is used as the load-bearing main truss, supported by 520 * 520mm and 290mm triangular truss and other small and medium-sized trusses. In addition, the supporting use of the electric hoist hanging system not only solves the problem of lighting and other infrastructure hanging, but also makes the conference hall look grand and beautiful, which helps to successfully hold large and small conferences!

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[Other Projects]

Shinestage large trusses have always been highly praised by customers. In addition to Shandong Fuhua Hotel, other projects have also achieved great success!


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