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Ji'an Broadcasting and TV Station pursues "the mainstream media that the Party and the government can rest assured and the people are satisfied with", always adheres to the principle of building the Station with news and quality as the base and core, resolutely reforms the news publicity, actively optimizes the program production, and strives to improve the quality of programs. The number of the self run programs of the Station has increased from a small number to a large number and then to a high-quality number, which has strengthened the brand effect. The Station has become an important carrier to enhance the image of Ji'an and boost social undertakings and economic development.


[Project Review]

In order to connect the TV technology with high and new technology and make it keep pace with the world trend, in recent years, Ji'an Broadcasting and TV Station has invested in equipment upgrading and transformation. The pattern of diversified communication and operation, which is dominated by TV programs and supplemented by streaming media websites, is gradually taking shape.

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In the design project of the acoustic decoration project of Ji'an Broadcasting and TV Station, Shinestage participated in the reconstruction of its over 1100 square meter studio, providing it with a high-quality tempered glass stage and improving the image of the studio.


[About Products]

Shinestage's tempered glass stage has the following characteristics:

1. It has good weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance, and will not be yellowing and hydrolyzed due to perennial sunshine and rain.

2. Long service life, able to support the safe holding of multiple large and small events.

3. It has good light transmission and requires less light intensity, which can not only save power, but also make the on-site lighting effect more beautiful.

4. Strong impact resistance and high safety performance.

5. Excellent insulation performance, suitable for various electrical equipments.


Shinestage's tempered glass stage is widely used in large and small performances, theaters, professional venues and other scenes at home and abroad. It can be designed into more practical shapes and styles according to customers’ needs, and is highly praised by customers.




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