Safety Planning For Majoy Sports Events

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In recent years, with the people's emphasis on health and the country's vigorous promotion of sports, there are more and more large-scale sports Events in our lives. For example, the successful Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is in full swing. In the preparations for the sport, the sports Events gradually integrated into people's lives, and the enthusiasm for people to participate in sports Events has gradually increased.

Such as the highly watching horse racing, the football /basketable games full of competition, and the long-distance marathon running in the crowds, the same feature of these Events is the large number of participants (thousands or even tens of thousands of people), The most important issues for the event organizers It is the control of people flow and personal safety. Today, I will discuss with you how to better solve the safety problem of people in large-scale sports events.

First, Make a good Pre-Judgment Plan in Advance:
Advance predictions mainly include data and information collection. Before the plan is made, you need to make an early prediction of the risks of major sports Events. Since each sporting event is independent and special, this needs to be specific. Races, Venues, specific scenarios to make different risk assessment predictions, and constantly improve. For example, before planning, you need to understand the risks of the event itself and find out where the real problem may occur (it is the sporting event). Process problems, or the venues of sports events may have problems) and preventive measures that can be taken, and make advance prevention plans.

2. Deployment phase:
According to the first stage, collect relevant information and related information that may be at risk, process the information, and assign different degrees of attention to the information. The next step is to prepare for the risk factors. Or it is a solution. The danger of mitigating as much as possible. The specific content includes -- where is the main danger that will be faced, whether it can be mitigated through technical means. Is it necessary to contact the relevant local security authorities so that Some assistance can be given in the event of an accident. It is also important to figure out what matters are helpful for achieving your main goals.
Specific items include: the security threats faced, technical, policy, technical, or all three.

  • What kind of strategy is needed to better address these dangers.

  • What factors are the biggest causes of congestion, people flow, traffic, or something else.

  • Do you need to work with the local transportation department?

  • The choice of venue and how to design a safe entrance and exit.

  •  Before the start of the competition, how to promote safety-related knowledge and measures? 

3. Implementation phase

The main task of this phase is to implement the strategy, plan, and implementation determined during the planning phase and the deployment phase. Relevant information about security threats has been collected during the planning phase, and targeted pre-planning is also carried out during the deployment phase. Estimate and propose a plan and resolve the direction. More important at this stage is to actually follow the previous plans and strategies, implementation and improvement.

4. Review Back & Summary: After the implementation of the reflection and resumption, whether the safety of this event has an accident, which areas can be improved and optimized. Is it possible to adjust the safety factors to the extent of how to better carry out the next time? Planning the safety of large-scale sports events. The main goal of this stage is to compare and reconcile and refine the goals of the first phase and the actual results achieved.

The above is the main tips & Guides and steps of the Safety Planning of large-scale sports events. We all know the importance of safety in large-scale events. How to use equipment and technology to control is also a better solution.

Among the safety equipment for large-scale events, there is a safety Eqiupment that specifically provide solution in  crowd control of large-scale people--Safety Barriers, which are usually made of aluminum alloy, can be used for the entrance of large-scale events and segmented with the venues. Contact us. If you have a good event security solution please also share.

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