Large Outdoor Event Crowd Control Solution

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The most lively activity than Russia's World Cup, the World Cup brought together about 1.5 million foreign audiences from all over the world, the World Cup teams race for each area of 12 cities in Russia, the number of each stadium can hold all in 3 w above;One of the biggest Moscow's luzhniki stadium can hold as many as 8 w. Such a large outdoor activities, so the Control crowd, how to ensure the Outdoor  Crowd Control safety of people's activities, host of challenges before. Supposedly big crowds in order to control the World Cup, the Russian Cossacks police deployed to provide security support for the World Cup.

2018 Russion World Cup Safety.jpg

Remember a few days ago the focus of the war with France, Argentina and Uruguay and Portugal, Both life and death battle but also attracted a large number of fans to watch the game, the field was a sea of people, when messi started running, Argentina goal, when Argentina missed chances, the atmosphere in the stadium to the climax. Using our Chinese idiom - heads, thronged.

In this present a great opportunity for the national style and elegance of humanities, it is conceivable, host of the activity as Russia is also under the net cost, it is said that the World Cup costs about $13.2 billion, is the most expensive in the World Cup, including in the security that is costly,Certainly won the FIFA President praised: "FIFA President from perez praised Russia's organizational work, think that Russia will host a wonderful and safe World Cup.He said: "it is certainly safe to go to Russia to play and watch football. The Russian government attaches great importance to the World Cup.

They welcomed the world's fans to the game and took more security measures than any previous tournament.Giving is still rewarding, so that the majority of fans can better appreciate the beauty of katyusha.

For this reason, many experts from all walks of life in the security industry have come up with their own professional opinions for the World Cup security.

Among many crowd safety control scheme is more see some high-tech video monitoring, cloud services and AI facial recognition technology. Have to say that these high-tech security indelible contribution for the World Cup, but this is more of a virtual methods, still need to it in some occasions Some physical protective devices are used to isolate and protect large Numbers of people.

Such as in venues outside let irrelevant personnel do not enter the site, and at the time of admission, how to make people in order to enter, in the case of riots, how to quickly picked up a safety barrier, the entity explosion-proof bar is your best partner.

We have also seen the crowd protection at the advertising fence around the football field, which is also the place where the physical anti-explosion fence shows off.

We also so you can see, the large crowd control solutions in outdoor activities, is inseparable from the closely monitoring of high-tech security products, at the same time without entity protective equipment.

Finally, I hope the World Cup can be held safely and we are happy to appreciate the enjoyment that katyusha has brought to the fans.

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