Film and Theatre Arts Center in Hengyang city, China

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The project of "three halls and two centers" in Hengyang City includes a gymnasium, a swimming comprehensive training hall, a library, a theatre art center and a youth activity center. Among them, Hengyang Theatre Art Center is located in the north of Zhengshui River and the south of Huayuan Branch Road in Shigu District. It is composed of a grand theatre, a small theatre, a mass art gallery, an intangible cultural heritage center, a youth activity center and an art gallery. It is close to Cailun Avenue, the main urban road, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation.


[Project Review]

In recent years, Hengyang City has attached great importance to the enrichment of the cultural and sports life of citizens. It is reported that the newly built film and television art center will undertake the social public welfare functions of local drama exhibition, film and television broadcasting, introducing elegant music and art, holding mass (youth) art activities, carrying out various art training, holding important exhibitions and conferences, and inheriting, spreading and protecting intangible cultural heritage. After completion of building, it will become a mass (youth) art activity center, a base for inheriting intangible cultural heritage, a brand of cultural industry and a center for cultural exchange, providing citizens with high-quality cultural and artistic services in  Hengyang City.


Shinestage large-scale truss once again brings surprise to customers. The 800 * 1500mm spigot truss has a large span and strong load-bearing capacity. It is used with the best mobile stage YS series Fast Assembly Stage, which is grand and beautiful, helping to improve the overall image of Hengyang, City of Wild Goose!


[Technical Design]

SHINESTAGE company is responsible for the construction of some outdoor stage trusses of Hengyang Theatre, which needs to set off the grand style of the red building and ingeniously connect the indoor and outdoor, so as to complement each other.


In view of the problem of uneven outdoor ground, SHINESTAGE's technical team used an adjustable and easy-to-move YS series Fast Assembly Stage with two specifications of stage legs according to different heights of the ground, which just fitted into a whole and was highly appreciated by customers!


The technical director finally determined and designed the layout of main beam+auxiliary beam+column with the customer according to the site situation. In order to ensure that the columns of different heights are at the same horizontal line, two of the columns are reinforced on the stand, and the long span and high intensity ensure that the later lighting, audio and other equipments are hung solidly.


[Large Truss Project]

Hengyang Theatre mainly uses 800 * 1500mm spigot trusses. Previously, SHINESTAGE has made high-quality large trusses to support major projects for many times, which has been unanimously recognized by customers!


Weifang Theatre: 580 * 1010mm


Shandong Fuhua Hotel: 580 * 1010mm


Shanghai MAXUS Booth at 2020 Guangzhou International Auto Show: 600 * 1200mm

Note: The relevant introduction of the theatre is from the internet, and it is only used as the project description. Thanks.



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