Celebrate the Centennial of Heshan School! Renovation of the assembly hall of Heshan Middle School is completed!

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The Assembly Hall of Heshan Middle School is located in Heshan Middle School in Heshan Village, Dongling Town, Huian County. The hall was built in the 1950s, with a construction area of 1590 square meters and an area of 1270 square meters. Red bricks and gray tiles, high buildings and long beams, exquisite lotus flowers, lotus leaves, water ripple patterns and Chinese fish bone pattern combined with the wooden ceiling, giving a strong visual impact, announced in 2011 as the third national cultural relics census immovable cultural relics.


[Project Review]

The Assembly Hall of Heshan Middle School is a symbol of the alma mater in the minds of tens of thousands of Heshan students, but the building is in a state of disrepair due to age. At the beginning of this year, after Heshan High School issued the "Initiative Letter on Fundraising for Restoration of the Assembly Hall of Heshan High School", the alumni responded by contributing money and suggestions, expressing their gratitude to their alma mater and their eager expectation for its development. The protective restoration of the Assembly Hall of Heshan High School started.


The restoration project adheres to the concept of "four original" principles of heritage restoration and the "minimal intervention" principle of cultural relics, and the restoration process preserves the original mixed Chinese and Western style of the building and reinforces the overall building structure. From the reinforcement of the large-span wooden roof frame to the reinforcement of the stone facade and the renovation of the walls, from the restoration of the wooden windows and railings to the broken tiles, all were fully restored.


In order to celebrate the centennial of Heshan School, the main stage part was renovated and treated. Since the top is a wooden structure, there is no corresponding load-bearing beam structure, so Shinestage used trusses as the main structure load-bearing to help for the centennial activities and future recreational activities!


[About the product]

SHINESTAGE provided 400mm aluminum plate bolt trusses and curtain for the renovation of the assembly hall of Heshan Middle School to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the event!


The joist rod mainly bears axial tension or pressure, thus can make full use of the strength of material, and can save material, save weight and increase stiffness than solid web beam when the span is larger. It can also be designed as shaped truss, such as round, rhombus, star or other irregular shapes, etc. It is widely used in many fields, such as large-scale performance, theater, professional colleges and universities, cultural and tourism venues, etc.



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