What is the use of the Pre Rig Truss?

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Pre-rig trusses are essential components in many industries and venues, especially the live entertainment industry. This type of truss system is designed to provide a quick and efficient solution for attaching lighting, video, audio equipment, and other items to a structure. Not only does pre-rigging with truss make setup and teardown faster, but it also makes sure that all connections are secure every time. To understand more about the functions of pre-rig trusses and how they can benefit your event or venue, read on!

  • What is the Pre Rig Truss?

  • How Does the Pre Rig Truss Work?

  • How to Use the Pre Rig Truss in the correct way?

What is the Pre Rig Truss?

Pre-rig truss is a type of support structure used in many different applications. Pre-rig truss is typically made from aluminum, which makes it both strong and lightweight. Pre-rig truss is often used in applications where load bearing and suspension are required, such as in lighting or audio equipment rigs.

How Does the Pre Rig Truss Work?

Pre-rig truss is a type of truss that is used to support lights and other equipment in live production settings. It is typically made from aluminum or steel, and consists of several horizontal and vertical members that are connected together with bolts or brackets. The horizontal members are called beams, and the vertical members are called uprights.

How to Use the Pre Rig Truss in the correct way?

When you are looking at the different types of truss that are available, you will see that the Pre Rig Truss is a popular choice. This is because it offers a lot of benefits that other types of truss do not. If you want to know how to use the Pre Rig Truss in the correct way, then read on.

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you have all of the necessary components. This includes the base plate, corners, and bracing. You will also need to have the correct bolts and nuts. Once you have all of these items, you can start to assemble the truss.

The next step is to put the base plate onto the ground. Then, you will need to take each of the corners and connect them together. After they are connected, you can then take the bracing and connect it to the corners. Make sure that everything is tight and secure before moving on.

Now, you will need to put the Pre Rig Truss into place. You will need to make sure that it is level so that it does not wobble when someone steps on it. The last thing that you want is for someone to get hurt because of a loose truss. Once it is in place, you can start putting your lights and other equipment onto it.

As you can see, using a Pre Rig Truss is not difficult if you follow these simple instructions. Just make sure that you

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