What is the importance of using the Rectangular Truss?

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Rectangular Truss is generally used to hang audio and lighting. If you look carefully, you will find that the aluminum alloy truss is generally a boxy rectangle or square, which is composed of four columns and four beams, and there are other accessories such as anti-head bases. After the Rectangular Truss is formed into a rectangle, the light can be hung on it to shine directly in the middle, and the empty space in the middle is the space for the performers to move about.

  • How to build a Rectangular Truss

  • What is the difference between Rectangular Truss and Grid truss?

  • What is the importance of using the Rectangular Truss?

How to build a Rectangular Truss

When it comes to trusses, there are different shapes that you can choose from. Rectangular Trusses are a popular choice because of their many advantages. If you're wondering how to build a Rectangular Truss, here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Gather your materials. You'll need 2x4 lumber, metal plates, screws, and bolts.

2. Cut the lumber into the desired lengths for your truss.

3. Assemble the lumber pieces by attaching them together with the metal plates and screws/bolts. Make sure that the joints are secure and reinforced.

4. Once the truss is assembled, you can then add it to your structure (e.g., roof).

What is the difference between Rectangular Truss and Grid truss?

1. The truss structure is similar to the planar steel truss, which is a one-way force-bearing structure. However, after the width of the upper chord of the truss is increased, the stability of the upper chord member of the original planar truss that plays a controlling role has been improved, and its anisotropic stability Same, saving material consumption. 2. The grid frame is a space-integrated truss structure with high in-plane rigidity, which can be supported around and multi-point, and belongs to a two-way force bearing system. 3. Compared with the grid structure, the truss structure saves the lower chord longitudinal members and the ball joints of the grid, which can meet the requirements of various architectural forms, especially the construction of round arches and arbitrary curved shapes has more advantages than the grid structure .

What is the importance of using the Rectangular Truss?

The Rectangular Truss has numerous advantages that make it a great choice for any project or application. Its superior strength and versatility allow you to create a variety of shapes and designs that meet your specific needs. Additionally, its easy setup and fast installation makes it an ideal solution for those who need to quickly set up a structure without sacrificing quality. With all these benefits in mind, the next time you are looking for the perfect structural support system consider investing in Rectangular Trusses!

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