What is the application field of bleachers?

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Bleachers is composed of seats, pedals, ladder risers, and telescopic bottom brackets. At the same time, the system has a variety of row spacing and step heights to meet the requirements of space and sight. The telescopic methods are divided into manual, semi-automatic and electric. Operation, because of its flexibility, it has a variety of different storage methods, wall-mounted, free-standing, mobile, wall-mounted and inverted.

  • What are bleachers?

  • What is the application field of bleachers?

  • Why do we use bleachers?

  • The benefits of using a bleacher

What are bleachers?

bleachers are raised platforms that are typically found in outdoor arenas and stadiums. They are used to provide seating for spectators at sporting events, concerts, and other large events. bleachers can be temporary or permanent structures, and they can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and concrete.

What is the application field of bleachers?

bleachers are widely used in various large sports venues, schools and multi-functional conference halls, exhibition halls, theaters, concert halls, etc. Due to its scalable characteristics, the venues using the movable stands can be used to maximize their functions, and they can also be consolidated to meet the diverse needs of various venues.

The reason why the telescopic stands of sports venues have outstanding functions is that it is made of high-strength moisture-proof polypropylene and special self-extinguishing resin injection molding, and has a long service life after high and low temperature resistance and artificial accelerated aging tests. The activity stand has obvious characteristics, novel design, sophisticated technology, long service life and impact resistance.

Why do we use bleachers?

In the current stadium, the use of retractable movable stands can maximize your space utilization, which can be easily expanded and retracted manually or electrically. The grandstand operates quietly and smoothly, and the tight fit of each component is designed to enhance the smooth operation of the system. The end result is what makes our stands unique, quieter to run, safer to carry and easier to use.

The benefits of using a bleacher

There are many benefits of using a bleacher, including providing a great view for spectating sporting events and improving the safety of spectators. bleachers also offer protection from the sun and inclement weather and can be easily assembled and disassembled when needed.

Bleachers provide a great seating option for any sports team, no matter their level of play. They are durable, comfortable and can be easily customized to meet the needs of your team. With features such as adjustable seat heights, drink holders and stadium cushions they are an ideal choice for teams that want comfort while they watch the game. Whether you're setting up bleachers in a school gym or on a professional field, you'll have a comfortable viewing experience every time with these versatile pieces of equipment.

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