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What is Strong Support for Stage Performance Safety?

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How important to get on crowd control in the large-scale performance site? Crowd control is a public security practice where large crowds are managed to prevent the outbreak of crowd crushes, affray, fights involving drunk and disorderly people or riots. Crowd crushes, in particular, can cause many hundreds of fatalities. Effective crowd management is about managing expected and unexpected crowd occurrences. Crowd control can involve privately hired security guards as well as police officers. Crowd control is often used at large, public gatherings like street fairs, music festivals, stadiums and public demonstrations. At some events, security guards and police use metal detectors and sniffer dogs to prevent weapons and drugs being brought into a venue. A strong support for a large-scale performance site is a crucial point.

What occasions will require control of dense populations? As the name suggests, To prevent the stampede of people from happening and avoid all the hidden dangers in public places, wherever there is a huge flow of people, a security riot bar is needed to partition the crowd. In line with this large and dense crowd gathering place, there are Concert site, Bar, Police station riot, security or exercise, Large-scale provincial, national or international conference security, Large-scale sports, sports security, security screening, etc.

What is the tool of crowd control and its benefits? In the industry, we call this crowd barrier tool “Barrier”. It can not only withstand a huge thrust to achieve safety effects and avoid unsafe hidden dangers. Can also be connected in multiple angles to meet different venues, modeling needs.

What is the Shinestage Crowd Control Barrier advantage? We do everything with safety standards as the main goal. Similarly, our products first need to go through rigorous process manufacturing to meet the standard safety standards.

1. For the quality. We use high-strength aluminum alloy materials, which are produced by skilled and automated welding equipment to ensure the quality of our products.

2. For the certification. We have obtained German TUV structural safety agency certification, and ISO9001-2008 quality system certification, product safety and reliability

3. For the Product bearing capacity. The maximum impact resistance of the Shinestage riot bar is 10,528 N/a (10,528/9.8 KG, 1,074 KG) equivalent to 10 adult thrusts. The aluminum alloy material has a thickness of 2.5mm for the tube structure, which is only 1.6-2.0MM thicker than the conventional oral tube structure on the market, which greatly enhances the security function and is your best choice.

4. For the installation and uninstall. Quick installation and storage. Greatly save the cost of labor fee and storage fee.

5. For the Transportation. We also produce Barrier Trolley to match with a barrier. 1 trolley can hold 7 folded barriers, and 2 trolleys can hold 15 folded barriers. The setting here is also to make better use of the transportation space, as well as to save you transportation costs and to facilitate the management of the purchased products.

Shinestage, want to let the world know what it did. We are sincerely at your service.

Shinestage are specialist manufacturer with Truss, Stage, and Event Safety Products- Crowd Barrier,And Accessories since 2009,OEM & ODM Production, Proffesional Free Designing, Prompt Response,Quality Ensurance,Trad Assurance $350000.Payment methods are diverse and secure.Punctual Delivery And All heart After Services.
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