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What is Reasonable Price of Aluminum Stage Lighting Truss?

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At present, there are many kinds of stage truss in society, and the demand is also large. The platform for various activities is built with aluminum alloy stage, truss, and the price of aluminum alloy stage truss? This is also a concern for everyone. Normally, the stage truss of aluminum alloy is closely related to the price of its aluminum alloy. For example, the price of aluminum 6082-T6 is more expensive than 6061-T6, then the same specifications of the stage truss 6082-T6 material are made. The length of the 6061-T6 truss is relatively expensive, and the material is an important factor affecting the stage truss.

Secondly, the price of the stage truss is related to its specifications. For example, the material of the same length of φ5mm is more expensive than φ3mm. The thickness and quality of the products made by different thickness materials are very different. This is also one of the factors that affect the price of stage trusses.

In addition, the stage truss connection method, the bolt frame has a bolt interface component, requires special materials to customize the welding, is also a factor affecting the price of the truss, or folding the truss, but also needs to customize a special folding component, is also a factor to increase its cost. There are also brand factors that affect the price of stage truss. After any brand is established, it will add a brand value to the corresponding products. The brand with safe and quality guarantee can give customers great confidence and add value to the products

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