What are the components of the Folding Truss?

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The Folding Truss is an incredible piece of equipment that can be used to a variety of different applications. It is incredibly versatile, allowing you to quickly and easily create custom shapes for your projects. With its easy setup and adaptability, it can make any project much easier to complete. Whether you’re creating a stage set up or needing some additional support for your office space, this truss system has got you covered.

What are the components of the Folding Truss?

What is the scope of application of Folding Truss?

What are the main categories and characteristics of Folding Truss?

What are the components of the Folding Truss?

A Folding Truss is a type of truss that is used in construction. It is made up of a series of triangular shapes that are connected together to form a strong, rigid structure. The truss can be used to support a variety of loads, including roofs, floors, and walls.

The Folding Truss is made up of two types of components: the upper chord and the lower chord. The upper chord is typically made up of a series of metal plates or bars that are welded together. The lower chord is typically made up of a series of wood or metal beams that are fastened together.

What is the scope of application of Folding Truss?

Folding Truss is mainly used for the main frame construction, and has good wind resistance, especially suitable for the main background of various promotional activities carried out outdoors. Trusses are widely used in exhibition space ceilings, display walls, display platforms, skeletons, gatehouses and special decorations. It mainly includes steel trusses, aluminum trusses, open booth trusses, insert trusses, club grids, tooth column trusses.

What are the main categories and characteristics of Folding Truss?

Aluminum Folding Truss: lightweight, flexible, safe and reliable, can be combined at will, easy to disassemble and assemble, can be divided into three-tube aluminum truss, four-tube aluminum truss, aluminum tube welding truss;

Steel truss: a perfect combination of thick tubes and thin tubes, triangles and quadrilaterals, with high rigidity, large span and magnificent shape;

Folding Truss: beautiful appearance, flexible structure, light material, ever-changing shapes and different colored light tubes, making the whole booth more gorgeous and bright;

Ball joint club: 18-hole aluminum ball joint, which can be connected with two kinds of aluminum alloy clubs with a diameter of 22mm and 30mm, and the notch of the 30 club can also be connected with the eight-way exhibition;

Insert board: The insert board has two specifications of 150mm and 200mm in width, and its shape is round or triangular.

Aluminum welded truss: light in texture, novel in shape, beautiful in appearance, and can be used in various booth shapes;

Butterfly truss: It can be widely used in exhibitions in various industries, easy to disassemble and transport;

LH series: The perfect combination of straight pipe and inclined pipe can be widely used in various shapes of booths. The fully assembled structure is easy to install and disassemble, and can realize large-span connections.

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