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Stage structure of Culture and Photography Communication Conference

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Project name: the 4th Islamic Culture and Photography Culture Communication Conference in India

Address: UAE Sharjah Expo Center

Completion date: September 2019

Project Description:

The 4th Indian Islamic Culture, Photography Culture Communication Conference was successfully held on September 23, 2019 at the Sharjah Expo Center in the United Arab Emirates. Everyone feels the charm of culture here. Show photographic culture and communicate。

The exchange meeting was held at the Sharjah Expo Center in the United Arab Emirates. The Sharjah Expo Centre in the United Arab Emirates is the premier exhibition facility throughout the Middle East and the CIS region and the South Asian subcontinent. This is the first trade exhibition center established in the world and is considered to be a pioneer in this field.

Shinestage provided the stage structure project for the conference and successfully completed the construction of the stage.

Basic construction of the stage

Stage debugging

The overall layout of the stage is completed

In some scenes and lighting styles, the warmer purple tone is chosen as the benchmark, which is very atmospheric.

Live performance actors perform in Islamic Islamic culture costumes, and the whole performance is full of cultural atmosphere.

The stage structure is a 12*8*7 M flat roof truss. Use the 290MM spigot truss. Can be docked with global truss.

In the application of the stage engineering, the internal and external systems of the stage truss structure are stable and the quality is excellent. Meet the relevant national standards and meet the user's needs. Received high praise from customers!

TSS2929 Aluminum truss

SHINESTAGE aluminum alloy stage lighting truss TSS2929 standard length: 1M, 2M, 3M, 4M. Specifications and irregular shape structures can be customized as needed.
Shienstage stage truss certification: SGS, CE, TUV.

Aluminum alloy stage lighting truss profiles are available: 6061-T6/6082-T6 truss main pipe, auxiliary pipe, inclined pipe, pipe wall thickness will be configured according to demand: φ50 × 4.0, φ50 × 3.0, φ50 × 2.0, φ30 × 2.0 Φ25×2.0, the pipe used in the stage lighting frame will affect the load-bearing and span of the stage truss.

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