Spark · Rebirth immersive interactive showcase is coming soon! SHINESTAGE invites you to share a visual feast in this exhibition sincerely !

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About the Exhibition

The 21st Guangzhou International Professional Light & Sound Exhibition will be held in Zone A of China Import and Export Fair Complex on May 22-25, 2023. As the largest brand exhibition in the world, this Guangzhou Exhibition further focuses on the development wave of digital technology integration. Together with Guangdong Audio-visual Lighting Technology Promotion Association, to help our colleagues in the industry take the lead in grasping the cutting-edge technology and future development pulse of professional audio-visual and audio-visual industries. 

As a special event of the 21st Guangzhou International Professional Light & Sound Exhibition in 2023, the newly upgraded ‘Spark · Rebirth’ immersive interactive showcase is the source of traditional eastern and Western culture. It presents an immersive audio-visual feast integrating lighting, fog-forest, laser, interactive, video, landscape and music through the integration of digital technology, naked eye 3D, holographic technology, visualization imaging technology, mechanical device technology and other cutting-edge equipment and technology in the industry. The exhibition aims to explore the new ecology of future cultural & tourism and promote the digital innovative cultural & tourism business model together with the industry colleagues.

SHINESTAGE will bring the new product of hanging series servo hoist system combined with sound & light to present an immersive technology experience! Looking forward to your visit!


Exhibition Information

Time: May 22 - May 25

Venue: Zone A, China Import and Export Fair Complex

Booth number:A68 in Hall 1.2





Guangzhou Shine Stage Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2010, is a set of stage design plus dynamic intelligent hanging and safety stage structure one-stop solution plus construction operation and maintenance services for the core business of the technology company. The company has design, research and development, construction landing ability. The main products of the company are stage machinery, truss, electric chain hoist, control system, movable stage, metal movable stand, explosion-proof fence, aluminum workbench and other products. It has passed ISO9001:2015 international Quality Management system standard certification, German TüV product safety certification, GB/T 29490-2013 Intellectual property management system certification and raw materials through SGS test report. It has nearly 100 product patents. All products are insured by the People's Insurance Company of China. Among them, aluminum truss, movable stages, riot bars, stands, stage machinery, intelligent hanging and control systems and other products are widely used in large performances, theaters, professional colleges, exhibitions, professional venues, cultural and travel industries, commercial squares and other places, professional technical teams can through finite element analysis, site survey and other means. We provided users with unique design of their own application scenarios, has been recognized by global users! We have successfully entered the world's top ten security stage structure brands. In the future, SHINESTAGE will not forget the original intention, forge ahead! Let the world know what I do, set the stage industry benchmark!

Successful Case

Guangzhou Chime-Long Water Park

Address: Guanzhou, China Completion Date: May, 2014

Project Description:



Chime-long Water Park is a famous water park around the world. It attracts tourists from all corners of the globe and wins the "The water park must go around the world" title many times. It is the largest tourist reception water park all over the world and its number admission is more than the United States Disney water park that ranked first in the number of years. The project used a 550-meter arc truss system.


Nanjing Happy Valley



Nanjing Happy Valley, a key tourism project in Jiangsu Province's 13th Five-Year Plan, is located on the east side of Qixia Mountain, adjacent to the Yangtze River. Happy Valley has a good geographical environment because it is near mountains and rivers. Nanjing Happy Valley is a new generation of science and entertainment complex large-scale park under OCT Group. It is the eighth station of Happy Valley brand chain in China after Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Wuhan, Tianjin and Chongqing. Nanjing Happy Valley inherits Happy Valley's business philosophy of "constant construction, constant play, constant viewing", with the brand personality of "dynamic, fashion and passion", providing modern citizens with diversified tourism and leisure ways and urban entertainment products. The project uses the SHINESTAGE’s high difficulty truss system.


Guangzhou Chime-long Super performance project



In 2021, Chime-long Happy World will open a new super performing arts plaza, and ten ghost Kings will lead the theme park electric sound party to bring the atmosphere to a climax. There is also a giant air model "DJ King" and a large performance of the boom, matching fountains, lights, flames, fireworks and so on to increase the sense of atmosphere, drones, fire dance, electric sound show.

SHINESTAGE for Chime-long super performance project design overall stage scheme, carrying 3000*1400*1200 ramp, 1200 five step ladder, 1200 six steps stairs, simple stage rails, 2000 two steps stairs, 2440 two steps stairs, 2440*2440 Layher stage, Eterpan - bottom plate, aluminum sealing plate. This not only makes the stage more secure and secure, but also makes the whole look more beautiful.

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