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In 2022, due to the pandemic, the GET Show had to press the pause button. From May 8 to 11, 2023, the GET Show will be restarted at Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo. Founded in 2011, the GET show has now developed into a professional light and sound exhibition with wide influence in Asia, providing a comprehensive display platform with international level for the performance equipment enterprises in the world, narrowing the distance between exhibitors and global buyers, promoting communication between both sides, and achieving the goal of win-win cooperation. SHINESTAGE will participate in this grand banquet and join hands with GETshow to embrace the industry and enter new opportunities!


Exhibition Invitation

From May 8 to 11, 2023, the Guangzhou (International) Performance Equipment and Intelligent Audio-visual Products Technology Exhibition will be held at Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo for a total of 4 days. As one of the world's high standard stage performance equipment manufacturers in the whole industry chain, SHINESTAGE will have a strong product lineup on display at this exhibition. The exhibits will include the latest developed EZON·S8 series stages, large-span stage lighting trusses, lifting system series products, folding triangular trusses, performance stage barriers etc. Moreover there will be professional technicians on the scene to explain to you.


Exhibition Information


Date: May 8-11, 2023 (9:00-17:00)

Location: Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo


The booth area 108 sqm



In this exhibition stand, interactive stage experience design and live scene construction will be added, so that you can experience and interact, and feel different atmosphere on the site!


At that time, there will be continuous global live video broadcast. Please pay attention to the information on SHINESTAGE Technology’s official website:

Highlights of Exhibits

1. Among the lighting trusses on display this time, there will be not only the conventional size bolt trusses, but also the new large-span trusses developed this year, including the Fork End Trusses and the Folding Triangular Trusses.


2. This time our patented product on display - EZON·S8 series stage

Model: YS8

The YS8 stage panel frame adopts a unique slot design, which makes the stage able to be flexibly constructed with different stage structures, and be quickly disassembled or assembled in a variety of application scenarios.

Application scenarios: performance stage of tourist attractions, audition of TV variety shows, opening ceremony of cultural tourism, TV studio, international auto show, cultural center,  theater, outdoor beach, concert, music festival




3. Catwalk U-shaped Truss / Catwalk Folding Cart

Model: YM2416R/YM2416H


·Light hanging pre-installed to improve efficiency.

·Truss can be used as lamps’ packing box.

·Patented fork end connector can be rotated in full 360°angles, which makes the angle adjustment between truss units available to be even 90°toward any direction.

·The construction shapes of application structures are varied.

·Electric hoists can do the hoisting most efficiently during the whole construction.

·When the carts are idle, they can be folded and overlapped to reduce storage space.

·Can be lifted and installed according to the sizes of the lamps.

·After the activity, use the folding carts and U-shaped trusses to achieve efficient loading, transportation and storage.


·Large gymnasium lighting hanging

·Lamps hanging for large-scale performances such as concerts and music festivals

·Opening (closing) ceremonies of large sports venues



4. Primary color(silver) Barrier (Economic version)


Model: YB8S


·It can be installed without any tools

·It can be operated by one person

·The R corners of the frame of the vertical plate base are round and thus anti-scratch to people’s hands.

·Ergonomic anti-slip slope design

·Fast warehousing and logistics transportation improve the overall construction efficiency.


·Security barricade placement in emergency by police system

·Separation of crowd areas for major performance activities (concerts, music festivals)

·Security for large-scale national and international conferences or forums

·Diversion of central temporary safety protection for municipal traffic

·Anti-terrorism and anti-riot of social security group events

·Diversion of crowded public places on holidays (airports, railway stations, large squares, subway stations, etc.)




SHINESTAGE is looking forward to meeting you! Welcome to visit and guide! Wish you a fruitful return from this exhibition!


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