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Mars Key · Carnival Journey Ends! Shinestage is looking forward to meeting the city of Mars again!

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The 2021 Brilliance Universe Mars Concert ends!

From November 26 to December 5,

Six carnivals in a row,

Follow the steps of the son of Mars and go to the ideal city of Mars!

The concert of "Mars Key" took three years to prepare. Hua Chenyu acted as the general director in person. Focusing on such keywords as "going home" and "spring flowers blooming", he boldly adopted a new model of concert+amusement park. The afternoon session+night session alternated day and night to open a Mars fantasy trip with diversified styles, create a new experience of immersive amusement and carnival, and create an ideal Mars city dedicated to Martians!

This Mars concert with a unique style has been carefully polished in every detail from the overall architecture to the stage, lighting, sound, etc., and created a "home stage" atmosphere, striving to present an unforgettable "Mars home trip" to Martians.

The overall structure of this "Mars City" is not simple. According to the vision of the general director, Shinestage team uses one truss to accurately connect and carefully measure, to build this magnificent "ideal utopia", and to create a multi-level dance structure with the ruins city colliding with the "spring flowers bloom".

The magnificent structure is matched with stunning dance beauty and sweet music. The colorful and changeable shapes come on the stage to sing, bringing wonderful music feasts. The whole audience cheers and boils. The fireworks at the end of the concert add a dreamy and carnival atmosphere! Martians returned to the "home of Mars"!

The 2021 Brilliance Yuhaikou Mars Concert has successfully ended, but the Mars trip has not ended. I look forward to the next Mars appointment!

Shinestage provided 660 * 1010 screw rack for this Mars concert. The screw rack has good overall stability, is not easy to deform, has high safety performance, and has strong bearing capacity. In addition, the large screw truss can increase the aluminum plate to enhance its bearing capacity, which has great advantages in large concerts.



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