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Lighting Ceiling Truss for 2019 NBA Warriors New Arena - Chase Center

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Project name: 2019 Chase Center Lighting Ceiling Truss

Address: San Francisco, U.S

Completion date: September 2019

The Chase Center began construction in 2016 and cost about US$1.3 billion. The arena is located in downtown San Francisco and has 18,000 seats in the arena.

The arena will be officially opened on September 6, 2019 and will be used as the home of the Golden State Warriors in the 2019-20 season.

The Chase Center is one of the largest and most open arenas in sports history.

There are 32 field side luxury suites in the arena, each with a butler, a social event restaurant and a private wine cellar. There is also a full screen in the room for customers to watch the game in real time.

The Chase Center not only hosts games, but also performs small concerts, plays, concerts and other small shows.

Chase Center's lighting ceiling truss Customized 400*400mm aluminum spigot truss with shinestage

In addition, The truss aluminum plate cart has been customized for convenient transportation and loading and unloading of lighting trusses.

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