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How to ensure the safety of Stage Machine Systems?

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Since the new century, with the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people's spiritual and cultural consumption demand has risen, and the demand for entertainment equipment has increased dramatically.At the same time, the safety of stage machinery has also become the focus of industry experts and the public.

At 2018 PALM exhibition, BBS, an international stage machinery safety and control technology sponsored by the professional committee of performance venues of China performing arts equipment and technology association and the committee of PALM exhibition group, invited experts, manufacturers, engineers and theater stage users from home and abroad to discuss together.

" Huge market, outstanding issues." "As China entertainment technology association director ZhuXin Village puts it, in the brigade fusion of the background, the cultural consumption for the entertainment industry opens up new space for development, but also creates huge security problem, this is a common problem around the world, "the stage of China's machinery industry to move towards the world, it must be in line with international standards."

Sebastian weber, an engineer from SBS stage technology, Germany, gave a keynote speech on the safety conception of important components of theater stage machinery and the application characteristics of control systems.Sebastian weber says there is a lot of attention being paid to discussions about braking systems in Germany, where he introduced the requirements of theater brakes, testing and how to do it.In addition, he said Germany's requirements for modern control systems include three levels: safety, reliability and availability, and present each level in turn.After the speech, a technician from Sebastian weber wanda discussed the problem system of the brake system.

Raise national stage equipment quality supervision and inspection center operations director, senior engineer Zheng Hui introduced the present status of stage machinery and equipment testing work, and puts forward now national stage equipment quality supervision mechanism is not perfect, basically provided by the product of self evaluation and product evaluation of two parts, the recipient's acceptance of the lack of qualified third-party testing. According to the statistics, there were 2,455 performing arts venues across the country in 2017, a new increase of 170, while there were very few venues tested by the state.Compared with the British and German stage equipment inspection, China has many problems, such as no mandatory testing in law, imperfect standard system, clear employer and employee responsibilities, little attention paid to employee training, imperfect testing mechanism and insufficient funds.Looking forward to the future, stage machinery industry, zheng hui said that on October 1, 2018, the national standards for acceptance and inspection of stage machinery will be issued, which will set a safety benchmark and scale for the development of stage machinery industry.

Senior stage technology, theater expert YuJian did, the gap between the stage machinery in our country and the international advanced level and thinking, "the theme of the report, he thinks, stage machinery in our country and the world advanced level, there are four aspects of the gap between each stage is the stage machinery safety standards and mechanical control system of the gap, the gap between overall process design stage machinery, special stage machinery products and parts gap device, as well as the difference between stage machinery processing technology.He pointed out that domestic stage machinery design pays little attention to functional guarantee, and does not pay much attention to performance reliability and incomplete safety technology.Compared with the variety of stage machinery forms in the world, China's understanding of stage machinery is still shallow, vision is not broad, the stage design is often divorced from actual needs, single form changes little, lack of personality.He suggested that China should actively face the competition in the stage machinery market at home and abroad to improve and progress in the competition.

European committee for standardization of CEN TC 433 technical experts, Wagner biro stage CAT stage control systems and components of the joint stock company sales director Oliver Bruck did titled "the stage design of the automatic control system security - according to prEN 17206" the theme of the speech, at the same time, he from DIN 56950-1:12 to the current draft European security standards development process, talk about stage control system in recent years, the development of the security requirements, and introduces in detail the draft European security standards making process and the new rules.He said he would like to share his research findings with everyone: "if you have relevant questions, don't hesitate to ask me or my colleagues!

T Ű V represents German DTHG on BBS about "stage machinery safety certification and other industries and how to test and approve".As a worldwide influential certification company, T Ű V on behalf of the security level is known, was introduced in detail the whole process of the functional complexity of the security and authentication.In his opinion, there is no 100 percent security, only risks can be controlled as much as possible, and the most important thing is to deal with the relationship between risk reduction and security objectives.

Li yu, deputy head of the automatic control department of beite sundi science and technology development co., LTD., gave a speech on the exploration of safety control of the whole life cycle of stage machinery control system.Li yu first introduced the status quo and trend of stage development. She believed that with the increasing demand for performing arts shows and live performances, stage machinery should ensure the safety and reliability of equipment while meeting the ideal artistic effect required by the director.She thinks, "the safety of the stage, the most important thing is the person!"Combining the work experience of final assembly stage and beite santi, li introduced the key technology of safety of stage mechanical control system and identified risk points from different stages such as the program, design, installation and debugging, testing, post-maintenance and personnel training of stage mechanical control system.Finally, she thinks that it is necessary to make a safe road suitable for China's national conditions so as to improve the level of China's stage design.

Li li, vice President and chief engineer of the design research institute of Beijing Orient hi-tech stage technology co., LTD., describes the application of virtual prototype technology in the design of stage machinery. First, he elaborated the concept of virtual prototype technology, as well as the relevant theoretical basis and application scope of this technology. He thinks that in the process of stage mechanical design, traditional methods such as dimension design, static calculation, and empirical formula estimation are still used, which may have technical defects, especially safety risks. With the application of virtual prototype technology, through in-depth analysis of products in the design stage, problems that can only be found during installation and debugging can be found in time to avoid huge losses, especially major safety accidents caused by technical defects. In the speech, he introduced the way to realize the virtual prototype technology and introduced the application of the virtual prototype technology with the practice cases of Wuhan Wanda han show theater, emergency stop impact load test and Nishan theater.

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