How to choose a Aluminum Bleachers in Equestrian Competition

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The 2018 International Horse Industry (Hangzhou) Summit and the 2nd Global Horse Industry Summit held in Hangzhou on January 16 once again brought this elegant, sporty and ornamental traditional culture movement to the peak.

Man and horse are a classic combination that has been talked about since ancient times. It is the heroic and tragic battle of the ancient Hummer battlefield. It is the despicable and desolate of the western film. It is the heroic and graceful of a generation of heroes, and is a lover partner of gentle heart.

The origin of equestrian originated from the war of mankind. In order to make the horses used in the chariot move accurately and accurately on the battlefield, the horses were often trained in various skills and coordination, and later developed into equestrian games.

There are also many famous equestrian events in the world, and even the global sports event - the Olympic Games. Equestrian is also used as one of the competitions to add color to the Olympic Games.

As the organizer of the equestrian competition, in addition to understanding the various events of the equestrian, it is necessary to understand the details of some other preparatory aspects, such as the more important part of the equestrian preparation - the design of the auditorium - the choice of the stands, this not only It is only responsible for the audience experience, and it is also an important measure to ensure the normal operation of the equestrian events. So how to better choose the audience seats -Aluminum Bleachers? Are there any principles that can be used for reference and compliance?
Are there Guids is chosen to pay attention to.

The audience of the Universal Equestrian Championship is divided into a regular grandstand and a VIP grandstand. Of course, the VIP stand in the Southern District is the best. You can also see the Chinese Art Palace not far away when you enjoy the top horse competition. In the other three ordinary stands, there are about 4,000 seats, so how to choose is very knowledgeable.
The venue for the equestrian competition is a rectangle of 80m x 60m. The northstand stands are the widest in the long side of the rectangle. In particular, there are 18 obstacles in the Global Equestrian Championship. This position can be seen at a glance and the field of vision can be covered. To the audience. Therefore, Gu Jiqing is also strongly recommending watching the game on this side, and believes that the North District is the most cost-effective stand in the audience.

The most cost-effective, it is certainly not the most expensive, the most expensive in the ordinary stands is the West Side stand. Although it is only on the wide side of the rectangle, the position is the best, because it is closest to the horse road, and each top horse is from the west side. On the side of the West Side stands is the referee seat. There is a special "Summon Referee" who will ring the bell during the game to inform the next appearance.

The relative position of the East East Stand also has its own "advantages". According to the introduction, there is no fixed seat on this side stand. Good position is first come first served. If you can grab the first row, it will not be much worse than other stands. In addition, the South District stands are still riders, family members and media stands. Maybe you are sitting around the world's top equestrian champion or the Olympic equestrian champion. It will be quite easy to sign and share a movie.

In addition, whether you are a regular ticket or a VIP ticket, no matter which stand you are in, you can enter the warm-up area by ticket, and watch the horses ready to appear across the fence. This is the closest opportunity to contact these “BMW”.

Bright colors will surprise the horse
What are the requirements for the audience at the scene of the equestrian competition?

Of course, the audience does not have to wear a hat and formal wear as the British luxury Ascot Jockey Club, the most luxurious and luxurious horse racing event in the UK. But too bright colors will affect the horses, because the bright colors will stimulate the horse's vision, and even cause the horse to be shocked, which is a bit like red will irritate the bull. Of course, it is not forbidden for the audience to wear bright colors, but it is not possible to have a large piece of bright color in the stands.

Compared to the Masters of Tennis and the Snooker Masters, these are the world's top events that must be absolutely quiet indoors, and the outdoor global equestrian championships are relatively low. However, the organizers of the event expressed their hope that the audience on the scene will be able to watch the game in a civilized manner, avoiding jealousy and random movement during the competition. "This is respect for the world's top events and respect for the riders and horses."

Even if you are not familiar with equestrian sports, don't worry about it at the scene. First, as soon as you pass the ticket gate, the audience can see a row of related shows about horses and equestrian knowledge, helping you get started quickly. In addition, there is a special "Ma Culture" exhibition area on the side of the stadium. Before the start of each game, the master of the scene will enter the arena and walk along the line of the horse competition to introduce the characteristics of each obstacle to the audience one by one, and explain in detail the technical requirements and technical difficulties that the horse needs to face. Help the audience to better understand the game.

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