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How to Hold Successfully a Industry Summits?

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When We Mention to the event, We have rich experience in family gatherings, school group activities, wedding events, birthday dinners, As we know the success of the event and summit, not only requires careful planning beforehand but also faces different groups and negotiates A variety of complex issues. For the success of large-scale professional Industry Summits or conferences, we face more challenges and more complex conditions. Today we share how to ensure that a conference event is held Successfully step by step. Generally speaking, the success of a conference event following four steps:

1. preliminary preparation, 2. publicity and promotion, 3. planning and implementation, 4. report publicity.

First, preliminary preparations:

Before we officially hold an  Industry Summits, we need to think carefully and plan. What are the goals of this event or industry summit? Is it for sharing, or to expand contacts, or to promote products. What type of activity is this? What should the participants of the event invite? Why are you invited? Why are they coming? Especially for an important professional summit, the invitation of the participants is particularly important.

After clarifying the goals of the event and the participants of the event, the next important step is to invite the speakers. This is a headache for the organizer. It is necessary to consider the influence of the speaker in the industry and how to attract it. Are they coming?

Next, consider the candidate locations for the event? Should the event be held in the conference center or in the hotel ballroom? These are also based on the type of meeting activities and the goals of the meeting activities. It is especially emphasized that if conditions permit, you should go to the venue during the planning stage, and consider as much as possible. Emergency B plan settings, etc. The layout of the conference is also an important part. When it is arranged, it combines the creativity of the venue and the professionalism of the industry. It is conducive to better achieve the goal of the event.

In addition, you need to think about the acting process and draft a provisional agenda. You need to draft a detailed timeline for the entire event, subdividing it into multiple sections, including registration, opening, speaker presentations, and audience questions and answers. Tightly around the theme and goals of the conference. This is the importance mentioned above for inviting speakers. When time permits, try to determine the process and the time of the presentation as much as possible. Most activities can't be done exactly as planned, so be sure to set aside time.

The final step in preparing for an event is to set a budget. In my experience, the budget should be as conservative as possible – with a slightly higher cost, but with a slightly lower estimated income. This small strategy will reduce your financial expectations and give you plenty of room to take into account all incidents and emergencies. Various costs need to be considered when setting the budget, including meeting location rental fees, on-site support staff costs, and food and beverage expenses. In addition, expected revenue includes ticket sales and potential sponsorship fees. Finally, the net income or net expenditure of the event can be calculated.

Second, publicity and promotion:

After completing the event location confirmation, speaker invitation, and budgeting, it is time to shift focus to the participants. You can refer to the target statement again and think from the perspective of the participants: If you are a participant, what do you want from this event?

To develop a theme that is enough to catch people's attention. For example, in October of this year, 2018 (the fifth) fuel cell vehicle technology industry development summit forum. Such very obvious industry characteristics, and through the conference title can understand the content of the meeting. Make the participants of the industry more accurate Also let the participants have an expectation in psychology.

Every professional event requires a dedicated web page or at least one electronic poster for advertising and online promotion. A good web page or poster should be concise, but should include the following key information:

1. Activity content: title, purpose, speaker name/title, admission fee, registration information and QR code for scanning for more information.

2. Visual aids: find a photo or create a visual pattern that is beautiful and relevant. One of the secrets is to insert photos of people, so that people can imagine the scenes they participate in, thus stimulating resonance, not just a cold sign.

Once this is done, the event can be promoted. There are many ways to promote it: email, social media and traditional verbal promotion! Mass mailing is an effective tool, but it is better to be more targeted. “Everyone wants to be unique, not just a number in a list,” if conditions permit, “send a personalized invitation, call the recipient’s name at the beginning, skip the last name, and be kind and friendly. Greeting him/her." Make the invitee feel respected.

In addition to email, social media is also a powerful tool that can be used to disseminate information about upcoming events. Posts of posters or event pages can be posted on a personal WeChat circle of friends, recommended to friends or shared in related groups. LinkedIn and Facebook are also very powerful tools in the US and China as well as globally.

Third, project implementation and process

After all the preparations have been completed, I finally arrived at the event day! Before the participants arrive, it is important to ensure that the layout within the venue is complete and that all participants can be accommodated. Turn on the projector, test the microphone, and make sure the room temperature is comfortable and pleasant. Efforts to create an attractive meeting environment for participants and speakers.

The earliest guests may arrive 30 minutes before the event, and be prepared to accept registration, payment and to issue receipts and invoices. Even if the participant has already registered online and paid for the fee, prepare for at least 10% of the staff to be unable to attend. At the same time, some people may not be registered online, but they appear temporarily at the door of the conference room, indicating that they wish to participate.

Participants should be provided with food or drinks after they have registered for admission, and at least some drinking water (hot and cold water) should be prepared.

During the event, take notes carefully; strive to record the details of the speech. Don't worry about the format of the notes during the event, you can finish the finishing touches after the end.

During the event, photos are also recorded. Excellent photos showcase the size of the participants and the venue. When the speaker organizes interesting activities, he should also focus on taking pictures. Ensure that the venue is well balanced, which is good for focusing when shooting.

Fourth, report propaganda

Within one week of the event, review the notes taken during the meeting and compile a summary of the key points of the page, focusing on the participants' gains or added value from the event. You can quote the speaker's speech or insert two or three live event photos. Activity summaries can continue to exert influence after the event is over, so that people who are unable to participate can also obtain information and understand the activity. In addition, sharing successful experiences will encourage people to participate in future activities.

Remember to send a thank you email to the participants and speakers. You can attach a summary of the event and other photos to the email. At the same time, ask the speaker in advance whether they can share the presentations they used during the event to the participants.

At the end Thanks Evan Schmitt -Evan Schmitt is a Government Affairs Intern at AmCham China.

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