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Heavy Duty Aluminum Truss For Middle School Lecture Hall

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Project Summery: Heavy Duty Truss For Middle School Lecture Hall

Projects Time: August 2018

Products For Project:670*1010 heavy duty spigoted truss , 520*520 Truss column

Function: Provide cultural performances and Absorb the nutrient of knowledge in cheerful atmosphere for School Students

Truss Systerm for thearth 2.jpg

There are many famous High shcool with Loong history. They provide fertile ground for talent cultivation, Today I will introduce a high shcool with 89 years, It is builded by Patriot and other Local famous People togother.The new school district of the middle school was put into use in July 2017. The construction project covers an area of about 445 mu, with a total construction area of about 150,000 square meters. It's our honor to build lecture hall's stage engineering structure project. The project used 670*1010 heavy duty spigoted truss and 520*520 Truss column, there also used electric hoist and The span of the whole project reaches 25m.

The heavy duty Truss column adopts the concrete pre-buried technology to ensure the safety and stability of the overall structure, and is perfectly passed the engineering test. This project is not only a theater for the cultural performances of the middle school students. At the same time, The venue can cater for general functional conferences and performances. The auditorium of Mingguang Middle School will also be used for Mingguang Education Organization Conference and School Culture Performance Drama.

Truss Systerm for thearth 3.jpg

Shinestage has over Ten Years experices in Offering One Stop Solution for Entertaiment Industry, developed a broad range of trusses and a unique system to connect them, Spigot connection truss, we are designed to make them suitable for a variety of applications, from a simple led screen truss or dj light truss stand to big stage truss structures prepared for high loading. Shinestage truss in different sizes, length and shapes, including straight lengths, corners and curves; all designed and manufactured according to European standard EN13814 and welding EN1090.Welcome to contact us via to learn more,

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