Future architect China stage design

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Future architect -The future is not unpredictable. Can you pull the fog? In the CCTV broadcast of the first large show, explore the interactive speech shows the architect in the future, not only let the audience shuttle in gathering thought word in the language of the future, more let people feast for the eyes, full of science and technology stage.

 Future architect China stage design

Stage design

The only thing to explore is to have a diversified and diverse view of the single thing. Thus, in the design of the dance, the circular shape is composed of the ring screen and the high-definition video, as the speaker can give each person the thought loop and the closed loop.

 Future architect China stage design

The multidimensional video digital-controlled ring at the top, and the four-layer video ring body, with the fluctuation of the CNC calabash, can be changed in various angles, which shows us the wonderful view of multi-angles from the visual range.

The digital-controlled ice screen falls from the sky, showing the material of the speech, and its transparent nature will bring a new look to the viewers. Like the holographic console in the sci-fi movie Prometheus, the technology is shocking!

 Future architect China stage design

Throughout the full of science and technology, unknown stage, a root is our mind to develop in the direction of the index finger refers to a variety of choices, and we all looking forward to this speech to redo our long-held beliefs.

 Future architect China stage design

As an extension of "the desire of the viewer", the "new" "qi" is the unique creative gene of this design. Let the audience enjoy the knowledge while enjoying the knowledge while looking forward to the surprise of the surrounding environment!

Future architect China stage design

The benefits of the black border screen can be hidden, can give lighting engineers play a space, can let the actors become the focus of unique stage, in a nutshell, see shadow does not see the screen is to design the core ".

Architect in the future were used in the area of the black and the lines will stage space, make the speaker in a futuristic scenario, and only the sight of the past to the future.


The stage becomes the speaker's brain, presenting the speaker's most intuitive thoughts. Use the scene of the scene to render the excited text to drive the audience atmosphere.

Visual design emphasis: the clever combination of visual and dance structure. The stage of the future architect is made up of 5 trapezoid and 5 trapezoid are integrated with each other. Use the borders of the dance and video to cleverly combine the beautiful stage effect.


Imagination is the soul of visual design, and imagination is essential for presentation. The background elements are compatible with the speaker and complement each other. Use the stage to create a space with visual language.

Full screen color looms large in the future of the prosperous world, the four trapezoidal screens use their silent words to talk to you. Let me be in the circle of technology, imitate a look at the future is full of imagination.

The lighting design is connected to the stage art, and the relationship with each other. In the program, the effect light is added to the stage, and the light frame structure is integrated with the stage design to ensure the integrity of the design.

In "the future architect", this is a stage with social topic, clean pure color and the video content of live LED screen, to give the audience a crystal clear visual feeling. The pure and pure light makes the person trance unconsciousness out of the reality, take the world express to go to the imaginary future.

As the first large-scale exploration interactive speech program, the lighting division will be more thoughtful, and the reasonable illumination and level of the light will make people more comfortable.

The difficulty of lighting design: this big guy named mobiscus, which occupies most of the space above the stage and is dynamic. The team that installs the lamp and the following pair of light set a big problem. 

On the futuristic stage, the magnificent choreography, the beautiful vision and the changing of the light melting into a whole, which is how choreography show his own craftsmanship and ingenuity in stage arts.


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