Europe's Summer Music Festivals for 2018

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This Summner is more hotter than ever. One side the fourth football festival 2018 russion world cup is showing in Russion,Another side Europe puts on some incredible shows, in places often likely to be sunnier. There will more than ten music part show will coming up.Europe's finest and biggest music festivals are also some of the heaviest hitters in the world.Here's our run-down of 10 European bucket list festivals, in no particular order. Let us to enjoy togother.

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(Sources:telegraph )


It is One of the two or three most prestigious dance festivals on the planet, Creamfields is always full to bursting with worldwide stars. Whatever flavour of electronic music you're into, you'll find more than you could ask for at Creamfields.

Shecdul Time & Location: 23-26 August 2018 Daresbury, UK

Ticks Fee: Standara Saturday: £85+book free / 1 Payment Of;

Standara Saturday £73.5+ £ 20 Deposit/1 Payment Of;

Standara Sunday: £90+book free / 1 Payment Of;

Standara Saturday £79+ £ 20 Deposit/1 Payment Of;

Standara Two days: £175+book free / 1 Payment Of;

Standara Two days: £172.5+£ 20 Deposit/ 1 Payment Of;

2、Primavera Sound

Indie King and forceful supporter of new music, Primavera Sound prides itself on pushing the alternative scene forward. Creativity is paramount, with headliners often standing out from the festival crowd.

Shecdul Time & Location: 30 May – 3 June 2018, Barcelona, Spain

Ticks Fee:  Standara Plan 1:180 € + Fee;

Standara Plan 2:180€ + wristband shipping + fees;

3、Rock am Ring & Rock im Park

If rock and metal are your game, then Germany's Rock am Ring needs no introduction. Along with sister festival Rock im Park, it pulls unparalleled lineups year after year, and can lay claim to being one of the best-attended weekends in the world.

Shecdul Time & Location: 1-3 June 2018, Mendig and Nürnberg, Germany

Ticks Fee:  Standara Plan 1:€149,00;

VIP :€999;


4、Isle of Wight Festival:

Isle of Wight Festival is renowned for exclusive, legendary headliners – Fleetwood Mac, The Stone Roses, Bruce Springsteen – and eclectic lineups that pay homage to its own incredible history. Now 50 years on from the original edition, IOW is as strong as ever.

Shecdul Time & Location: 23-26 August 2018 Daresbury, UK

Ticks Fee:  Standara weekends: £140 / 1 Payment Of;

ISLANDER £110 /1 Payment Of;

5、 Ultra Europe:

Transported across the Atlantic from Miami's glamourous city centre, Ultra Europe wasted no time in establishing itself as a worthy successor to the original UMF. The biggest DJs in the world bring Croatia's stunning Adriatic coast to its feet.

Shecdul Time & Location: 6-8 July 2018, Split, Croatia

Ticks Fee: GA 4 Day Tire 3 · July 2018: Not Aviliable / 1 Payment Of;

GA 4 Day Tire 2 · July 2018: £149 / 1 Payment Of;

GA 4 Day Tire 1 · July 2018: £129 / 1 Payment Of;

GA 1 Day Tire 1:   July 23         : £75 / 1 Payment Of;

GA 1 Day Tire 1:   July 24         : £75 / 1 Payment Of;

GA 1 Day Tire 1:   July 25         : £75 / 1 Payment Of;

Ultra Passport Pack:

GA 4 Day Tire 3 · July 2018: £175 / 1 Payment Of;

GA 4 Day Tire 2 · July  2018: £219 / 1 Payment Of;

GA 4 Day Tire 1 · July  2018: £239 / 1 Payment Of;

6、Defqon.1 Weekend Festival

Defqon.1 blazes the trail for hard dance music in a way that few other festival do for any genre. The power of Q-dance keeps production and lineups at the very top of their game, and a sister edition in Sydney, Australia, has added an extra Defqon's reputation.

Shecdul Time & Location: 22-24 June 2018, Biddinghuizen, Netherlands

Ticks Fee:  GA 4 Day Tire 3 · July 22.23.24 2018: Not Aviliable;

GA 4 Day Tire 2 · July 22.23.24 2018: Not Aviliable;

GA 4 Day Tire 1 · July 22.23.24 2018: Not Aviliable;


7、 Sziget Festival

Sziget is one of those festivals that could never spend another cent on marketing and still sell out every single year. Its reputation precedes it by almost a decade, and Budapest makes an incredible host city.

Shecdul Time & Location: 8-15 August 2018, Budapest, Hungary

Ticks Fee:   7 Day Pass : €325;

5 Day Pass : Not Aviliable;

3 Day Pass : €199;

8、 Wireless Festival

Rap and dance music form the perfect partnership at Wireless Festival, creating a distinctive weekend that embodies one of London's many subcultures with perfection.

Shecdul Time & Location: 6-8 July 2018, London, UK

Ticks Fee:   July 6 : £85+book free;

July 7 : £62+book free;

July 8 : £62+book free;

It is all solt out now!

9、Bilbao BBK Live

BBK allows festival-goers to slip easily from the beach, a 10-minute drive away, to the galleries of the Guggenheim and then into the crowds for some of Europe’s best-known bands. This is a nice size event, with a friendly atmosphere and a dedicated underground dance stage.

The festival site occupies a scenic spot on the slopes of a leafy hill and people often walk up to it in the afternoon to enjoy its views of the city. Tickets are cheap and the festival offers lots of hotel packages for those hoping to base themselves in Bilbao and fuel up on pintxos, or catch some surf.

The xx, Florence + The Machine and Alt-J have signed up for 2018.

Shecdul Time & Location: 12-14 July 2018, Bilbao, Spain

Ticks Fee:   July 12 : £88;

July 13 : £88;

July 14 : £88;


10、Sziget, Budapest

Taking place over a week, though better seen in a few days, this vast site on an island in the Danube features a small beach and a bewildering array of stages, hosting everything from big names in rock to jazz, blues and gipsy. In amongst all this are art installations in the trees and random outbursts of improvised fun and mayhem from the Sziget “community”.

Revellers can camp on the island but we would recommend staying in one of the city’s hotels, just a couple of train stops or a river ferry-ride away. This way you can walk Buda’s medieval castle walls by day, then crawl the city’s famous “ruin pubs” before heading down to the festival at night.

Acts for 2018 include Gorillaz, Stormzy and Arctic Monkeys.

Shecdul Time & Location: Aug 12-15 2018, Budapest, Hungary

Ticks Fee:     Aug 12,13,14,15 :£158;

There are top 10 music festival show alone with your summer holiday, While enjoying the wild of 2018 world cup football, you can also be influenced by the soul of music festival. Happy Holiday.

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