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Crowd Safety Solution -Shinestage Aluminum Riot Barrier

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Safety is a commodity. In every event, small negligence will lead to a big accident. Safety should not only be reflected in product performance but more importantly in people. It is particularly prone to accidents in places where there are many people. For example, Fans will be very excited during concerts or performances. They will push against security personnel and climb over fences, putting the performers and staffs in danger. A safety border between the secure performance areas and the audiences can be easily accomplished with Shinestage Aluminum Riot Barrier.

Good quality is the seed of safety.

Shinestage Aluminum Security Barrier is made of high tensile aluminum as raw materials and processed by automatic welding equipment to ensure the quality. Additionally, this Riot Barrier is durable and easy to assemble.

Each piece of the Shienstage Aluminum RiotBarrier stands 1m long, 1.2m tall and 1m wide. There are 4 pieces support vertical tube and 2 pieces brace tube at the bottom. The interlock is placed on the side of the Riot Barrier which can be assembled to adjust the different height and line up to connect with other Barriers. The punched holes are equally distributed on the panel and meet the ergonomics design that Improves product safety factor.

Advancement comes from comparison:

Shinestage firmly believes that: “ Modesty helps one to go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind.” We are based on customer needs, focus on product R & D, hoped through to product design, material, function, value and other aspects of the understanding, improve the overall quality of products and services, and increase customer satisfaction. Nowadays, The impact resisting the strength of Riot Barrier can reach 10528 Newton per piece which is equal to 10 adult’s linear thrust. It is stronger and more durable than the normal crowd control fence.

Riot Barrier —— Great for any events.

Shinestage Aluminum Riot barrier is a safety product that widely uses in any occasion, such as performances, festival activities, safety inspections, concerts, big events, etc. Due to its durable and foldable construction, this barrier is suitable for long-term crowd control use.

Shinestage are specialist manufacturer with Truss, Stage, and Event Safety Products- Crowd Barrier,And Accessories since 2009,Custom Production Services, Proffesional Free Designing, Prompt Response,Quality Ensurance,Trad Assurance $350000.Payment methods are diverse and secure.Punctual Delivery And All heart After Services.
SHINESTAGE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD;;Telphone:86+020+34882437

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