Aluminum Outdoor Layer Stage Platform
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Aluminum Outdoor Layer Stage Platform

MaxiMum Load:1*2m:2000;1.22*2.44:3000KG

Standard Size:1.0*2.0M,1.22*2.44M


Frame Material:Aluminum 6061 T6

Strong Height:1000-1500mm;1500-2000mm

Borad Thickness:18mm

Stage Board:Plywood, Acrylic, Tempered Glass


Loading table Product introduction Comparative advantage Supporting system Certification Project Ask price

Product introduction

The Outdoor Layer Stage Platform also called the Allround Scaffolding and the Allround rack. It is a module stage. it isparticularly easy and simple to install and disassemble, and the technical are simple than others. It only needs to be fixed with a hammer, so no matter where it is in a short time. It is possible to build a perfect stage platform for the Layer Stage.The Strong Loading Layer Stage safe static load can reach up to 2000kg / Pcs, moving up to 3000kg/Pcs, and the transportation volume is small. Layer Stage suitable for any occasion,temporary activities stage,concert stage,the school student performance,party stage,wedding stage.


1.Solid, Durable Portable Staging Deck Construction save manpower and financial resources for a long time.
2.Convenient to set up and saves time and effort.100 square, two people can be completed in 40 minutes;
3.High layout strength and good stability in three-dimensional space, Could assemble a variety of frame scales to meet the detailed construction requirements.

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CE Certifiction
SGS Certifiction -1
SGS Certifiction -2
TUV Certifiction
Truss TUV Certifiction
Bleacher TUV Certifiction
Stage TUV Certifiction
Barrier TUV Certification
Truss TUV Certifiction -2
ISO9001 Certificate
Barrier Utility Patent Certificate
Barrier Trolly Utility Patent Certificate
Stage Utility Patent Certificate
Bleacher Utility Patent Certificate
Catwalk Truss Utility Patent Certificate
Alibaba Golden Supplier Certification


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