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5 Wedding Party Tech You Should Know

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Get Marriage is the important time in life, Which indicates that the life will enter a new stage, The Wedding Part will  Witness the most time for you. So People will pay much attention to carefully prepare for the wedding Part. As time goes, more and more Wedding Part Tech show up, Think about Heart-rate monitors for your walk down the aisle, driverless cars and 3-D printed desserts on you, Walk On the stage full of lights and tech, the drone will record you full wedding part and sent to your friends who can't appear in the wedding part Show. Let us to discover the wedding part Tech what you should know thins year.

No .1: Drone Photography

If you worry about can't recording the full video of the wedding party and Making Memories of the important lifetime, the Drone Photography will the solution for you. It's nearly impossible to wrangle all of your wedding guests into a single picture—unless you have an eye in the sky. Aerial photography is popular among brides and grooms hoping to capture unique angles and breathtaking shots during their nuptials. There are a few things to keep in mind, however, when hiring a drone to snap photos or shoot video: The unmanned aerial vehicles can be loud and disruptive, and will probably run up your budget. Plus, there's a chance your venue won't allow flying photography (or your photographer is a klutz). If you can make it work, though, drones usually provide some pretty dazzling results.

WEDDING-Drones Photography.jpg

NO.2: GoPro in Bridal Bouquet

The miniature GoPro camera is ideal for capturing first-person views of your big day. But barring helmets for the groomsmen or over-the-top necklaces for bridesmaids, what's the best way to incorporate an action cam into the ceremony or reception? Stash it in the bridal flower arrangement. As long as you don't mind a fish-eye perspective (and remember to take it out before tossing the bouquet), you'll be able to capture some truly candid moments.

NO.3: Wedding Cake Projection Mapping

It's hard enough choosing which flavors go inside a wedding cake, let alone deciding what it should look like on the outside. Do you go sophisticated and simple, colorful and eye-catching, or textured and tired? It’s all of the above with cake projection mapping. The concept, popular in the US and UK, brings your sweet centerpiece to life by displaying animations, videos, handwritten messages, photographs, and special effects directly on the cake. Perfect for couples who can't agree on garnishes, cake mapping lets you alternate between a Batman theme and dainty flowers.

Wedding Cake Projection Mapping.jpg

No.4: Robot Bartender

Embrace the robot revolution with an animatronic bartender. Options like Makr Shakr and Somabar act as the mixologist, creating and pouring customizable drinks in seconds. Use an accompanying mobile app to develop and name your own signature drinks—a tradition among modern newlyweds. Then watch as the machine entertains your guests; the Makr Shakr's robotic arms even perform dances upon request.

NO.5:Glass Wedding stage: If you want to hold a romantic wedding part, Glass Stage will be your best choices,  You image the most shine time for the bride with the handsome brigegroom walking on the transparent wedding stage, the romantic moment. Special in night, The LED light share with glass stage. It must be unforgettable wedding part.

transparent wedding stage.jpg

Wedding should be romantic and unfogettable, with the help of high tech, the wedding part will be full of modern, if you find more Weeding PARTY HIGH Tech Please share with me.

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