V6 Intelligent Electric Hoist
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V6 Intelligent Electric Hoist

Power supply: 220/380-3-5;

Load Ability:1.05T;

Power Source:Electric

Sling Type:Chain;

Lifting Weight:1Ton

Lifting Height:30M

Lift Speed:4M/h

Chain:G80 Load Chain

Loading table Product introduction Comparative advantage Supporting system Certification Project Ask price

Product introduction

As a new generation of intelligent electric Hoist, V6 has been designed in the fuselage and construction in addition to its consistent stability and safety. It will continue to be a seamless solution for load-bearing monitoring applications that have not been well solved. Embedded into the body. Make this feature built-in. And the new generation of intelligent electric Hoist V6 has a variety of customized specifications, which can fully meet the needs of different application scenarios.


1.Excellent Corrosion Resistance -Long Service Time;

2.Safety and Stability-- Load Monitor,Intorq electromagnetic brake system

3.Certifcation:German DIN5685A/C & TUV


Solutions & Quotations

Comparative advantage

Supporting system

Crane Parts

Name: Brake

Brand: Intorq

Original: Germany

Intorq As the leading brake force in the industry,for a better synchronization and safety concern,we take the double brake system as our stand configuation for every model of V6

Main Features

Name: Multi-plug Suppoted
Regular Power Plug Multi cable cab be both supported for V6,by using the Multi cable ,the real-time loading data can be displayed on the handheld.

Crane Parts

Name: Invisible Handle,Easy for Transportation
Original: China
with its redesigned lifting hood,it is easier for transportation,and convenient for using

Main Features

Name: G80 chain
Original: China
With its High strength alloy steel chain,it has a good non-corrosibility & durability There are zinc chain and the black chain.


CE Certifiction
SGS Certifiction -1
SGS Certifiction -2
TUV Certifiction
Truss TUV Certifiction
Bleacher TUV Certifiction
Stage TUV Certifiction
Barrier TUV Certification
Truss TUV Certifiction -2
ISO9001 Certificate
Barrier Utility Patent Certificate
Barrier Trolly Utility Patent Certificate
Stage Utility Patent Certificate
Bleacher Utility Patent Certificate
Catwalk Truss Utility Patent Certificate
Alibaba Golden Supplier Certification


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