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Shinestage as one of the professional Truss ,Stage and Event Safety Products manufacturers in China , We have own over 10 years experience in production and provide  customer services for worldwide customers and clients.

Shinestage is not just a fabricator and manufacture of truss and truss accessories. While being a premier provider of standardized truss, custom stages, and more we also provide the necessary services and support to make big or small projects come together smoothly and effectively. We have a highly skilled team that understands and sees the “big picture” no matter what your industry. Entertainment, Worship, Theatrical, Manufacturing or Trade Show industries we can help.

With a 20,000 square foot facility located in Guangzhou China , Shinestage With the development of technology,We has already had the strong ability to offer you a one-stop solution. Supported by the distributors from all over the world, we have set up a distribution system, which help us to establish a long-term partnership.


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