An old friend of Shin, this year, has bought a set of TRUSS price which is 30% lower than the us asked us to price cuts from other place, it is an old friend we attaches great importance to cooperative relations for many years, the we look at the market from the cost of raw material into our own technology have made the latest comb, we are still the most affordable price drop down, we let the old friends put his latest buy send a sample over the stage of TRUSS, we study on the visual no distinction, for old friends after obtaining the approval of the TRUSS, we cut this stage to do the test, finally find out the problem in hope to help you all out. 

To end the topic of how to differentiate the quality of the aluminum alloy with a contrast test.

stage truss

High quality Aluminum Alloy:

1. Visual measurement: the appearance and color should be consistent, beautiful and bright, the mechanical grain distribution shall be uniform without black graphite, with high brightness and metallic luster.
2. Feel: smooth and smooth without burr.
3.Chemical properties: high quality aluminum smelter plant configuration and online degassing and tubular filtering and other high-end alloy manufacturing equipment to ensure that material requirements and meet the ROHS requirements, corrosion resistance, electrical erosion resistance.
4.Mechanical performance, high quality aluminum plant configuration much tensile testing machine, to ensure that each aluminum tube in accordance with European standards and fatigue resistance, high quality aluminum factory general mechanical properties than European standard 15% – 25%, hardness: more than 15 hw. (toughness and hardness are very good)
5. Process: plane clearance, bending and twisting degree are performed at high precision level.
6. Traceability: the implementation of the retroactive standard of EN 102043.1, the most stringent in Europe.

Low quality Aluminum Alloy:
1. Visual observation: the appearance and color are dim, there is no brightness, no metallic luster, there are black graphite and mechanical grain distribution are not equal, there is almost no appearance requirement.
2. Feel: the body is rough with burr
3. Chemical performance: the inferior aluminum factory has no alloy smelting ability, the alloy is purchased from the outside, and the alloy is not guaranteed to be the real 6082 T6 material. (because all aluminum ingots need to be smelted to re-add a certain percentage of silicon and magnesium, etc.)
4. Mechanical properties: poor quality aluminum factory has not equipped with tensile testing machine. It can determine the mechanical properties of aluminum tube by testing the hardness of aluminum tube. (high hardness, low toughness, brittle fracture prone)
5. Process: generally do not master the process of extruding high quality 6082-t6 profiles.
6. Traceability: no traceability conditions.
Generally speaking, low quality aluminum production cost and high cost and high quality aluminum materials have high production cost and low yield. Compared with low quality aluminum, the price of high quality aluminum is 35% to 45% higher than that of inferior aluminum processing fee.

stage truss

Why is the price of the same aluminium truss in the market 30% different? Where is its profit point? Some friends tell me that small businesses have low operating costs, but can he be as low as 30% and profit? Relatively speaking, large company mass production scale, cost can be saved!