Weight Boxing Tour Stage Truss System

Project name: the 2017 National Amateur Lightweight Boxing Tour

Location: California, USA

Completion date: November 2017

Project function: Boxing Stage Lighting Rack

Project description: In November 2017, in the national amateur lightweight boxing tour, the California station's boxing stage lighting truss USES the yohner catwalk. Cixin catwalk rack is a reversal of traditional light of the new product, its design from basic warehousing, transportation, installation, receive and so on a series of annoying lock is solved in the process of the present low efficiency of conventional truss construction spot, for a variety of recreational activities construction convenience is a historic innovation. And get the recognition and approval of the first line of users.

Weight Boxing Tour Stage Truss System

boxing weight ranks

1. Heavyweight (91.25kg)

2. Cruiserweight (90.8kg)

3.Light Heavyweight (79.45kg)

4. Super Middleweight (76.27kg)

5. Middleweight (72.64kg)

6. Junior Middleweight/Super Welterweight (154磅 69.91kg)

7. Welterweight (66.74kg)

8. Junior Welterweight/Super Lightweight (63.56kg)

9. Lightweight (61.29kg)

10. Junior Lightweight(59.02kg)

11. Featherweight (57.2kg)